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Chapter 43 Work, Work Until You Have A Thorough Death

Ye Yuwei suddenly found it amusing. In the past, he had always turned a blind eye when she sought his attention. And now, every word that he spoke only caused himself more pain.

As it turned out, she could be quite a heartless person.

Besides feeling a little regretful, she no longer felt sad.

Was it because her heart was immune to the pain?

Or was it because her heart was already broken?

She did not want to think about it anymore.

“What did you say?” Ye Yuwei’s voice was a little hoarse, but she had somehow managed to get her thoughts in order and calmed herself down. It wasn’t just her who had lost control. “CEO Gu, you have already said everything. What more can I say?” Ye Yuwei said, as she pushed his hands away.


Gu Juexi watched Ye Yuwei as she turned around and started walking towards the window. He was trying to stop her when his phone suddenly rang.

“Hello?” Gu Juexi answered the phone in frustration.

His voice was filled with anger. Ye Yuwei sympathized with the person on the line.

Upon hearing the tone of his voice, PA Wen paused for a moment.

The CEO had rejected PA Wen’s offer to pick him up in the morning. So, why was he in such a bad mood?

However, lately PA Wen has seen Ye Yuwei holding powers over the CEO in ways that she never seemed to have before and it was not as shocking to him anymore.

“CEO, Yu…” PA Wen swallowed the words, as he could barely finish his sentence, “… has arrived.”

Gu Juexi’s body tensed up a little when he heard those words. He glanced at Ye Yuwei’s back. However, as he was still angry at her attitude, he left in a haste. “I will be there immediately.”

Ye Yuwei squinted her eyes in disbelief. Yu—

Did he mean Yu Sha’er?

Whenever Yu Sha’er needed help, he would always be the first to go.

Hasn’t she learnt her lesson from all these years?

Did she really have no more feelings for Gu Juexi?

She had long exhausted her feelings for him. Whatever was left were the feelings she could never get back.

“Are we still continuing the procedure?” The nurse asked in frustration upon seeing the man leave.

Ye Yuwei mustered up her courage and stretched her arm out again.

The syringe entered and her blood was drawn.

The banging sound of the door of the small clinic was heard as the wind blew strongly.

Gu Juexi stared out the window as he got in the car. He then grabbed the car door again and got off the car. That woman was so skinny, if she was selling blood, what was she selling it for?

PA Wen drove the car over to Gu Juexi as soon as he got off the car.

PA Wen got off the car quickly, while holding onto the phone and unintentionally blocked Gu Juexi’s path. “CEO, it is a call from the Song Team.”

Gu Juexi took the phone and said, “Speak.”

Hearing the frustrated tone, the man on the phone said with an elegant voice, “Who has provoked our CEO Gu now? But, no matter who did it, I have to tell you that Yu Jiangqing has arrived half an hour ago. He has already left the airport.”

Gu Juexi clenched his hands tightly as he felt a cold breeze pass him.

Even without closing his eyes, he can already visualize the image of his brother who had died in front of him years ago.

“You had better come over now,” the man in the phone said in a serious tone. “Yu Jiangqing is now returning to his country; three months earlier than we had expected. We do not know what he plans to do.”

“Understood.” Gu Juexi hung up the phone immediately. He looked at PA Wen who was still standing beside him and screamed, “What are you still doing here? Waiting for Ye Yuwei to drain all her blood?”

PA Wen did not think much about it as he had a brief understanding of what might have happened as he drove to the clinic.

He wanted to say, “CEO, you have already forced her to take such measures such as selling blood, what is the point of getting angry now?”

He felt that so far, all the CEO had done was kill himself.

And there was no turning back.

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