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Chapter 46 Yaojing, I’m Sorry

Even though two years had passed since they last contacted each other, Ye Yuwei still remembered Xiao Yaojing’s house.

Therefore, it was an easy feat for Ye Yuwei to locate Xiao Yaojing’s house after she made her way upstairs.

Ye Yuwei’s head was spinning as 300cc blood had been drawn from her. The money she clutched in her hand was from selling her blood, which was all she had right now.

Ye Yuwei looked at the doorbell, unable to bring herself to press it.

“Ye Yuwei, when will you stop degrading yourself? Gu Juexi doesn’t have feelings for you. The more you cling on to him, the more he will feel disgusted with you.”

“I am not clinging onto him. I only wish to stay by his side, is that wrong? You are my best friend, why can’t you understand? I really love him.”

“I do understand. But what I don’t understand is the need to cheapen yourself. Ye Yuwei, from today onward, we are no longer friends as long as Gu Juexi exists in your life.”

Ye Yuwei smiled painfully thinking of the past as she slowly retracted her hand, feeling ashamed to face her friend again.

Because of Gu Juexi, she had lost everything.

Ye Yuwei tried to straighten herself using her arm as support against the wall.

“I will go over right now, you say you are—

As the door opened, a voice familiar to Ye Yuwei was heard. Ye Yuwei looked up immediately at the person who appeared in front of her.

Xiao Yaojing was talking on the phone while changing her shoes hastily. She was about to go out for a job interview.

Her sentence hung in mid air while the shoes dropped on the floor.

“Yaojing— Ye Yuwei broke the silence with a trembling voice. It has been awhile since she said the name out loud.

Xiao Yaojing ended her call abruptly. She then leaned against the door without caring about her bare feet and asked sarcastically, “Mrs. Gu, what brings you here? Don’t need to accompany Mr Gu?”

However behind the sarcasm was concern.

Ye Yuwei looked down feeling ashamed. “I’m sorry, truly.” Ye Yuwei apologized profusely as she struggled to keep standing, before turning to leave.

Xiao Yaojing looked at Ye Yuwei who was swaying while walking, and suddenly thought of all the news the past few days. She then rushed and grabbed hold of her hand. “Ye Yuwei, you—


The place where Xiao Yaojing had grabbed happened to be the place the nurse had drawn blood from. She subconsciously let slip a hiss, and wanted to withdraw her hand.

Xiao Yaojing held on tightly and flipped her long sleeves to reveal a needle prick wound and blood trail.

“Did you sell your blood again?” Xiao Yaojing interrogated. “Ye Yuwei, is there no limits to your self-degradation? Will you stop only when you’re dead?”

Ye Yuwei could not hold her tears any longer and burst out crying.

She hugged Xiao Yaojing and apologized, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, Yaojing, I’m sorry.”

Xiao Yaojing stretched out her hands and wanted to push Ye Yuwei away, but felt heartache upon hearing her sob, thus could not bear to push her away.

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