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Chapter 54 The Returning Memory

Ye Yuwei’s smile remained and Gu Juexi’s facial expression got gloomier and more sinister.

Yu Sha’er’s pitiful crying and Auntie Mao’s complaints did not stop.

It was really a big performance!

The Lu Qichuan who had been sitting down all along, suddenly got up and folded the newspaper that he had in his hand.

“Sha-Sha, let me send you home.”

Yu Sha’er showed displeasure in her face. She grabbed onto Gu Juexi’s arms and cried, “Brother Juexi, you have to return me my honor! How can you let them scold me like this?”

Gu Juexi’s face was so dark, it felt like a thunderstorm was coming.

PA Wen took a step back and looked at the door. A maid was still engrossed in cleaning the house.

Ye Yuwei still kept the smile on her face. “What now, CEO Gu? Do I need to apologize? If not, how do you intend to get justice for Miss Yu? How about you beat me up?”

“Shut up, Ye Yuwei, ” Gu Juexi shouted suddenly. “Look at yourself right now.”

Ye Yuwei smiled more widely upon seeing the frustration on his face. “Why? Do you find it disgusting?”

She laughed coldly.

Her voice was not loud, but it sounded impatient. It seemed like she had heard this countless times before.

Lu Qichuan squinted and looked at the Ye Yuwei who was about to drive Gu Juexi insane with her hurting words.

She was doing this on purpose. She was deliberately pushing Gu Juexi to his limits, deliberately hurting herself by doing all this. She was deliberately pushing them to a point of no return.

Then, she would be able to retreat while maintaining her dignity.

Gu Juexi stared at Ye Yuwei, trying to read her mind.

[Gu Juexi saw the girl who was sitting in the first row when he went back to the B City’s recital hall to retrieve the watch that he had left behind.

After he passed her, the girl suddenly got up. Underneath that pair of glasses with dark rims, was a pair of bright and sparkling eyes.

“Gu… Mr. Gu, here is your watch.” The girl said with excitement as she passed the watch to him. “I have already wiped my hands, so it is not dirty. Don’t worry.” The girl said, lowering her head in embarrassment.

After taking back his watch, Gu Juexi put it on while staring at the girl who kept her head down.

“Are you a student of the School of Economics?”

The girl picked up her notebook and nodded her head slightly. Suddenly filled with courage, she looked up and pulled her notebook out. “Mr. Gu, can I please have your signature?”

The girl asked cautiously, with uneasiness and the fear of being rejected. Her slightly sullen lips gave her uneasy emotions away.

Gu Juexi raised his eyebrows slightly and finished adjusting his watch on his wrists. Seeing how bright and sparkly the girl’s eyes were, he agreed to the request and took out his own Parker pen. He then saw the girl’s delicate writing on the open page of her notebook.

‘A company that holds the heart of its employees will never collapse.’

“You like this quote?” It was rare that Gu Juexi would say so much to a stranger.

The girl nodded eagerly and held the notebook in her arms excitedly after she had gotten his signature. “Thank you, thank you.”

Gu Juexi kept his pen and looked at the girl who looked like she was about to cry from excitement. A tiny smile formed on his lips, then he turned and left. ]

It was her—

The memory came unexpectedly and the girl in front of him was still smiling, but she was no longer the pure hearted, innocent girl from back then.

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