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Chapter 55 CEO Gu Must Not Have Known

Gu Juexi dragged Ye Yuwei upstairs without warning and he did not even bother about her staggering feet.

“Brother Juexi…” Yu Sha’er shouted, her face was filled with hatred.

PA Wen secretly said in his heart, ‘Darn it.’

The CEO was going to dig his own grave again.

Gu Juexi’s steps were too big and Ye Yuwei was literally dragged by him.

“What are you doing?” Ye Yuwei shouted. Gu Juexi in this state was a scary sight.

Gu Juexi ignored her cries. He also ignored Auntie Mao’s shouting outside the room. He slammed the bedroom door close and pushed Ye Yuwei down onto the bed.

“Gu Juexi, what are you…” Before Ye Yuwei could finish her sentence, a familiar notebook was slammed straight onto her body.

Ye Yuwei could no longer speak at the moment. She looked at the notebook and could not help but clench her fist.

Gu Juexi knelt on one knee by the bed, placing one hand on Ye Yuwei and holding up the notebook with the other.

“What is this, Ye Yuwei?”

Gu Juexi stared hard at her, holding onto every single one of Ye Yuwei’s expressions. This was the proof that she loved him.

Ye Yuwei’s fingertips dug deep into her palms and they were filled with pain.

She lifted up her head, having already hidden all her feelings.

“It is just a notebook. If CEO Gu likes it, you can have it.” Ye Yuwei looked directly into Gu Juexi’s eyes, hiding all of her heart break behind her dark pupils.

She did not regret having to work several jobs day and night, just to attend his speech. She did not regret having to sell her blood on the last day because she did not have enough money to buy the entrance ticket. She did not regret spending two days on the train, because she had bought the cheapest train ticket in order to save money. She did not regret spending one night outside the entrance of B City, just to wait for his speech to start.

Xiao Yaojing had reprimanded her for being silly, for being stupid, but she loved him too much at that point, that she was even willing to lose herself.

But now, all she wanted was to retain whatever dignity that she had left.

Her casual and nonchalant remark angered Gu Juexi. “Ye Yuwei, who was the one working, selling pots and iron just to attend my speech? Now you are telling me that you do not love me anymore? Don’t you think that it is too fake?”

‘Pots and iron?’

A short and harsh laughter escaped Ye Yuwei’s lips.

The insult was really ironic.

“Yes, I once did everything I could just to have a glimpse of you but unfortunately, I was so poor at that time, there was no pot and there was no iron. I could only sell my own blood.” Ye Yuwei said slowly, “CEO Gu, don’t you feel honored that there was once a girl who would sell her own blood just to see you?!”

Gu Juexi’s heart was once again engulfed by various emotions.

“CEO Gu must not have known that, just to see you, that girl stood on the train for a whole day and waited outside the school gate for a whole night. CEO Gu must not have known that she did not have enough money to stay in a hotel, just because she wanted to stay for one more day, just to see you for another day. CEO Gu must not have known that, that girl was so excited to get your signature, that she spent half a day in the bookstore, selecting which notebook to get. CEO Gu must not have known that when he was escorted out after the speech, that girl was so disappointed that she cried and how happy she was when she saw the watch that he had left on the podium, grabbing it like it was a treasure. CEO must not have known how delighted and happy the girl was after she got his signature. But, unfortunately―”

Ye Yuwei said, slowly retrieving the notebook from Gu Juexi’s hands. “But, unfortunately, that girl who had been stupid to that extend, is already dead.”

Ye Yuwei said, slowly tearing up the notebook in her hands.


What had unfolded, was the gap between them that could never be closed anyway.

No matter how hard she tried, all that she was left with was always disappointment.

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