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Chapter 57 You Are Challenging His Authority

Ye Yuwei slammed hard on the door and tried to open the handle after hearing Gu Juexi’s footsteps getting further and further away. “Butler Kim, Butler Kim, open the door for me.”

Butler Kim was also helpless despite having the keys. Although he felt that what the young master was doing was overboard, he did not dare to violate his commands.

“Madam, please listen to my advice. Stop going against the young master anymore, this is not good for you.” Butler Kim tried persuading her.

Ye Yuwei could not open the door. She felt desperate and disappointed. She placed her forehead against the door, making a muffled knocking sound.

She could not express the degree of her frustration.

She just wanted a divorce. She did not want to go against him.

“Master Lu…”

Butler Kim’s voice could be heard through the door.

Lu Qichuan!

Ye Yuwei suddenly looked up, as if her one and only savior had arrived.

“Butler Kim, please open the door. I want to have a word with sister-in-law.” Lu Qichuan stood by the door and said elegantly.

“About this…”

“Why Butler Kim? You are afraid I am going to just let her escape? If I do that, how am I going to continue being brothers with Gu Juexi?” Lu Qichuan asked playfully. It sounded like a joke, but it was not only a promise to Butler Kim, but also a message to the person inside that he could not help her.

Ye Yuwei understood his sentence and her smallest bubble of hope was popped.

The sound of the keys unlocking the door could be heard clearly. Lu Qichuan walked in just as Ye Yuwei sat down at the edge of her bed.

Butler Kim stood by the door faithfully, not intending to leave or shut the door.

She suddenly felt a sense of humiliation for being watched arising, but it disappeared similarly without a trace.

What could she do?

She had no ability to resist at all. What else could she do besides accepting the humiliation?

A desperate sense of hopelessness seemed to befall her.

She thought that as long as she could get a divorce, she would get her freedom.

And yet, this was just the beginning of her pain.

Lu Qichuan looked at Ye Yuwei who was sitting on the edge of her bed. She looked like a doll who had just lost her life.

He stood at a safe distance and did not move forward any closer.

“Why are you doing this? You know what kind of person he is, so why do you bother doing this?” Lu Qichuan asked with a sigh.

Ye Yuwei looked up slightly.

“You know that he likes to be in control of everything and yet you are challenging his authority.” Lu Qichuan sighed slightly.

Ye Yuwei understood the meaning of Lu Qichuan’s words and clasped her fingers tightly together.

In the past, even when Gu Juexi ignored her, she had always kept him in the first place. Naturally, he had enjoyed the privilege where he had the final say and control in everything.

However, he got angry when he could no longer control everything the way he wanted to.

He wanted to suppress this uncertain factor. He needed to regain control over everything.

“I just want a divorce.” Ye Yuwei sighed helplessly.

“But he does not want one.” Lu Qichuan stated, “And by doing so, you are challenging his authority.”

Ye Yuwei lowered her head. She was at a loss for words.

“I am curious though. You used to love him so much, why the need to divorce now?” Lu Qichuan placed his hands in his pockets, controlling the urge to walk over and comfort her.

Why the need for divorce?

Ye Yuwei lifted her head and looked around the magnificent decorations around her. A single piece of furniture here would be enough money for an ordinary person to live for a few years.

In the past, this used to be home to her. And yet, now it was a cage to her. A prison.

Lu Qichuan looked at her confusion and helplessness. It seemed like he knew the answer to his question.

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