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Chapter 59 The Person He Hates is Ye Yuwei

Lu Qichuan subconsciously reached out his arms to help Ye Yuwei when she was pushed onto the bed, but Gu Juexi was standing before him.

Lu Qichuan retracted his hands. He smiled and looked at Gu Juexi saying, “Done talking with Song? That was fast.”

He said it casually, but this could not change the dark expression on Gu Juexi’s face.

She said, she had recognized the wrong person!

Now that she knew that she had recognized the wrong person, was she going back to this man’s side?

Gu Juexi did not know that he had lost all his reasoning at that time and all that was remaining was his uncontrollable anger. And that uncontrollable anger had incited some fear that had never existed in him before.

“Lu Qichuan, why are you here?” Gu Juexi asked angrily.

Ye Yuwei got out of the bed and ran between the both of them. “Gu Juexi, what are you trying to do?”

“Shut up.” Gu Juexi said and pulled Ye Yuwei to his side. However, this time he did not let go of her wrist and said to Lu Qichuan, “You can go back if there is nothing else. It would be best if you do not come to your sister-in-law’s room anymore.”

Lu Qichuan was going to answer back, when he realized that it was indeed inappropriate for him to be there and so he nodded, “Nothing much, just looking for sister-in-law for a chat.”

Lu Qichuan left hurriedly and the room quickly became silent. The silence was depressing.

The excitement and joy that Ye Yuwei had felt when she had found out about Lu Qichuan’s identity was now shattered by Gu Juexi.

Gu Juexi looked back with a dark expression.

Despite being shocked by his expression, Ye Yuwei regained her composure and pushed his hands away.

However, Gu Juexi’s movements were faster. She had barely managed to shake his hands off when he held onto her shoulders almost immediately. “We have not divorced yet, Ye Yuwei, but you are already trying to seduce Lu Qichuan?”

Ye Yuwei stopped struggling after hearing his words and looked at him incredulously, “Gu Juexi, please show some respect for others.”

“Respect? You were about to embrace another guy earlier and you have the guts to talk about respect to me now?” Gu Juexi shouted, applying direct force onto Ye Yuwei’s shoulders.

‘No! I should break her legs! Let’s see how she is going to seduce others then.’

Ye Yuwei let out a yelp because of the pain. “Gu Juexi, please do not think that everyone is the same as you. Not everyone is like your Miss Yu, who cannot live without a man.”

Ye Yuwei answered coldly, while staring at the man before her.

“Why is Mr. CEO frustrated and angry? Or is it because of jealousy?” Ye Yuwei raised her head slightly and could see the disdain and anger in his eyes increase because of what she had just said.

Ye Yuwei wanted to laugh. This was the fact. No matter what she did, whether she was obedient or rebellious, all he ever felt towards her was disgust and anger.

Because what he hated, was the person, Ye Yuwei.

“Jealousy?” Gu Juexi smiled. “Ye Yuwei…” Gu Juexi pulled her towards the mirror so she could have a look at herself. He then lowered his head and whispered in her ears, “Look at the person in the mirror. What do you have that is worthy of my jealousy?”

Ye Yuwei could only lean towards the mirror because of Gu Juexi’s actions. She could feel his warm breath against her ears and the words that he had whispered in her ears sent chills down her spine.

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