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Chapter 8 Stop Seeking for My Attention

Ye Yuwei was standing at the other end of the clothes rack, where she could see Yu Sha’er perfectly.

Yu Sha’er was wearing a fiery red dress just enough to cover her butt. She was undeniably beautiful. At least, when she had make-up on.

So, to be fair, it was not difficult to understand why Yu Sha’er caught Gu Juexi’s attention for so many years. After all, who did not like beautiful girls?

“You came at the right time, Miss Yu. There was a dress that just arrived this morning. Let me bring it to you,” said the sales girl who was more attentive than ever.

Yu Sha’er nodded and off the sales girl went. As she passed by Ye Yuwei and saw her holding the new dress that she was going to show Yu Sha’er, she flipped out and yelled, “Damn it, woman! Didn’t I tell you not to touch anything here?”

Surprised by her rudeness, Ye Yuwei paused and the sales girl took away the dress from her hand, leaving her hand hanging in the air.

Yu Sha’er heard the commotion and saw Ye Yuwei standing there.

“If it isn’t Miss Ye!” said Yu Sha’er, as she walked to Ye Yuwei, smiling. “Did you come for the dress?”

Ye Yuwei put down her hand. It was funny how Yu Sha’er calls her Miss Ye now. Didn’t she always refer to her as Mrs. Gu in front of Gu Juexi?

“Is it because I told Juexi to bring you to the event? Too bad the dresses here are not affordable to everyone.” Yu Sha’er giggled.

Ye Yuwei clenched her fist and then released it, and tried to walk pass Yu Sha’er to leave the place.

“Why are you leaving?” screeched Yu Sha’er as she blocked Ye Yuwei’s way. “Let me pay for you, any dress you like. Since it was me who told Juexi to bring you along, I might as well pay for your dress.”

Looking at Yu Sha’er who was in her way, Ye Yuwei said monotonously, “If Gu Juexi really listens to you so much, why don’t you make him divorce and marry you? Show it off to me then.”

“You…” She was left speechless after because deep down, she knew that Gu Juexi would never marry her because he only liked her like a sister.

“What about me? Didn’t you learn what kind of person I really am two years ago?” Ye Yuwei whispered at Yu Sha’er’s ear. “Are you shameless? Please stop seeking for my attention when I try so hard to ignore you.”

“Ye Yuwei, you cheap whor…” Yu Sha’er screeched. She raised her arm and tried to slap Ye Yuwei. Suddenly, Ye Yuwei grabbed Yu Sha’er’s hand and whispered to her, “Your Juexi is standing right behind.”

Right after Ye Yuwei finished her sentence, she felt someone gripping her wrist and slapping Yu Sha’er’s face with her hand.

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