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Chapter 9 The Honest Mrs. Gu

It was a loud slap.

Ye Yuwei sneered. It sounded like a painful slap.

After the slap, Yu Sha’er let go of Ye Yuwei’s hand and took a step back, one hand on her own face with her eyes filled with tears.

Ye Yuwei shook her hands and said emotionlessly, “Sorry, it was just someone who looked like him.”

Yu Sha’er was speechless. Her face stung now because of herself, but it turned out to be just Ye Yuwei’s trick?

Yu Sha’er would have thrown herself on Ye Yuwei if she didn’t have an image to take care of.

“You are despicable, Ye Yuwei.” Yu Shaer wanted to scream at her, but held it in because the others around.

“We know it very well which one of us is the despicable one here,” said Ye Yuwei. “Gu Juexi went out for a call, he is probably at the stairs now. Want me to go over with you so I can push you off the stairs?”

Yu Sha’er was so mad that she could feel herself shaking.

“Is that all you have got? I hope it is in the name of Mrs. Gu when you confront me next time. Otherwise, you are just a home breaker.” Ye Yuwei sneered and saw Gu Juexi standing now far away from her, this time for real.

Gu Juexi was leaning on the wall not far away from them. He looked like he just got there, but long enough for him to hear her threatening Yu Sha’er.

Ye Yuwei was nervous for a moment, and then she calmed down. So what if he had heard? She had nothing to fear now. So she looked into his eyes and mirrored his smile.

Gu Juexi looked at Ye Yuwei. He was already standing there when she threatened Yu Sha’er, so he stared at this woman who was suddenly so determined for a divorce.

Yu Sha’er looked at what Ye Yuwei was looking at and noticed Gu Juexi. She put her hand back onto her face and ran to him, “Juexi… she slapped me just because I wanted to pay for her dress…”

Ye Yuwei was speechless.

Crying really does get one advantages.

“Ye Yuwei…” Gu Juexi looked at her, there was no emotion in his tone.

There was always no emotion in his tone and it made it hard to guess what he really was trying to say.

“So what if I slapped her? I don’t see eye to eye with her.” Ye Yuwei stood up straight and looked directly into Gu Juexi’s eyes.

The old her would beg for his trust. She gave up her pride and ego to tell him that it was not her who pushed Yu Sha’er into the river and begged him to trust her. But he did not. All he did was resentfully look at her, and the view of the back of him and Yu Sha’er leaving together.

So this time, she admitted it before he interrogated further.

Gu Juexi smiled even wider listening to what Ye Yuwei said. “Looks like Mrs. Gu learned to be honest. I am proud.”

“Looks like Mr. Gu has learned his patience too, for not standing out to defend her immediately. I am proud too,” said Ye Yuwei sarcastically with a smile.

Nobody got what they were saying, but it sounded like they were fighting.

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