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Ch 2 Peerless beauty

Just when I wanted to explain something, a string of beautiful violin sounds suddenly appeared at the door of the piano room.

Quan Xizheng and I looked at the door together.


so beautiful! What a nice view! What a super beauty!

She wore long straight hair slightly orange-red, and her delicate facial features were God’s most proud masterpiece.

Shi Eun was already very beautiful, but the girl in front of her was even more eye-catching than Shi Eun, especially her eyes that were dark and bright as stars.

Her mouth is small and ruddy, heart-shaped, and her lips still have a slight sheen.

The front and side, every angle is so perfect.

She held a dark red violin between her shoulders and neck, and while walking towards us, she pulled out a wonderful and pleasant melody.

I couldn’t help being stunned by the girl’s appearance and the music she pulled out!

Her gaze was locked tightly on Hee Jung’s face, very persistent, with an incomprehensible entanglement, and my heart suddenly stunned. Why did she stare at my boyfriend with that kind of eyes? ?

I instinctively looked at Xizheng, and he was also looking at her, but his eyes seemed to be cold and faint, the kind that I usually look at other girls. The only difference is that his brows are slightly closed. .

The sound of the violin stopped abruptly.

The beautiful violinist looked at Xizheng with watery eyes, her beautiful lips rose slightly: “Don’t you remember me?”

Wow-even her voice is soft enough to make people feel comfortable, she is really honest Lady.

Xizheng’s eyes narrowed slightly, and he raised an eyebrow at her coolly.

“I’m Qianhui!” The beautiful violinist finally walked in front of Xizheng, and a small white hand gently stroked Xizheng’s arm.

“Hee Jung, forget me? I am Tae Woo’s twin sister, Qianhui. When we were young, we used to play together. Later, my parents and my brother immigrated to France. Don’t you remember? The exchange student returned to Korea. My brother said he would call you and ask you to take care of me. Didn’t you get the call?”

I looked back and forth at the two people who were looking at each other.

Boys are cool and handsome, girls are soft and beautiful!


a perfect match, and-they seem to be long-lost childhood sweethearts-the most damn thing is that this girl actually put her hand on my boyfriend’s arm! !

All of a sudden, jealousy and jealousy filled my heart, and I was so worried, because Hee Jung’s expression at the moment was still horribly cool, but-but he didn’t knock down the violin beauty’s hand, just his expression was stunned.

“Welcome back to China, Qianhui!”

His voice was cold and there was not much smile on his face, but he said welcome to Qianhui.

I do not want! I don’t want my Hee to be nice to other girls.

I don’t want to show up another Shi-eun, although later I learned that I had misunderstood the relationship between Shi-eun and Hee-jung from beginning to end, but the jealousy at that time made me almost dead.

I don’t want that kind of tragedy to happen again. I have to tell this violin beauty that Hee Jung is my boyfriend of Park Qicai.


I was about to speak when the beautiful violinist suddenly put down the violin and threw her head into Xizheng’s arms. She hugged him tightly, like a pair of lovers who had reunited after a long time.

“I miss you so much, Xizheng!”

There was no presence of me in her eyes, as if I was a touch of insignificant air.

I suddenly felt that my heart rushed to my throat at a speed of 100 meters, this vixen, she, she—she actually used this intimate way to hold my boyfriend, she treated me as a transparent person ?


“I went back to China yesterday, you didn’t actually pick me up, so now you have to celebrate for me and go to Xiangxiang Raya to eat barbecue with me.”

Qianhui voted Xizheng with a bright and straight smile. Then he took Xizheng’s arm and pulled him toward the door of the piano room.

“Hee Jung!”

I yelled to his back. Is there any mistake? He actually ran away with the girl who popped up like this, so what did he take me for?

Heezheng who was walking in front suddenly stopped and turned his head, and stretched out his hand to gently shake off Qianhui’s affectionate embrace.

“When I’m away, you practice the piano well, don’t find other excuses to say that the practice is not good.” With that, he took the lead to leave the piano room and set off.

How can this guy say that and just leave?

——The beautiful violinist who just appeared took a look at me, and then ran out of the corridor. In the corridor, the voice of the beautiful violinist was like a silver

bell—”Heizheng, who is that girl?

” It’s none of your business!” Xizheng’s still indifferent voice came from a distance.

What the hell is going on with this damn guy, doesn’t he even want to introduce the identity of this lady to that violin beauty?

Wait-wait, then what is the relationship between that violin beauty and Hee Jung?

How could he leave me here alone for her?

This unscrupulous guy, oh oh oh-

boyfriend and other girls ran away, why am I still in the mood to continue practicing this damn broken piano?

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