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Ch 3 A terrible nightmare

At night, I returned home with a crying face. Before my feet stepped into the house, I heard a loud noise from my house—

“Is there a problem with your eyesight? What is so good about that brat named Anthony? , Does he look handsome like me?”

“Your eyesight is much better than mine. When I saw that Qianhui today, I think you were running out of water.”

“Qianhui is a rare one. The super invincible beauty, she not only looks beautiful, but also has a good body and good temperament. In short, she has advantages everywhere.”

“Huh! I think Anthony is a rare super invincible beautiful boy. Not only is he handsome, good-looking, and good-tempered, but no matter how many of his strengths are counted, he is a hundred times more than you, no, it is a thousand times and ten thousand times more!”

“He Yuanzhu, I

I’m angry!” “Unfortunately to inform you, Park

Jae- yu, I am also angry!” The noise inside the door was about to shatter my eardrums. I pushed the door open and saw Yu and Won-soo both working hard. Big eyes stared at small eyes.

What did they just say?


Why is this name so familiar?

“Qicai, you are finally back, come here and give me a comment–” Yuanzhu pulled me in front of her, the girl’s movements are always so rude.

“Little Caicai, we two have an indelible family relationship in blood. The person you should help is me.” Yu was not to be outdone, and grabbed me into his hands like a chicken.

“Park Jaeyu, Qi

Cai is my good friend.” “Ha Won Soo, I also tell you that Xiao Cai Cai is my own sister. See who she will help in the end.”


Cai –” “Xiao Cai Cai ——”


“Xiao Cai—”

“Enough! Enough! Enough!”

I finally waved the two people away from me unbearably, because they simply used me as a sandbag to snatch me. I was made of meat, not cloth. made.

“What the hell are you two arguing about? I just heard you mention the name Qianhui.”

Does Qianhui in their mouth have something to do with the violin beauty I saw in the piano room today?

“Qicai, don’t tell me you don’t know now, we have two new exchange students in St. Gabriel High School.” Yuanzhu’s expression is like looking at an idiot, and that idiot is unfortunately me.

“Yes, yes, one of the two exchange students is Qianhui. She immigrated to France since she was a child. I heard that her family is also a very authentic music family.” Yu showed disgusting admiration. expression.

and many more! Could it be that the Qianhui he was talking about was really the one I saw today, the beautiful violin woman who walked very close to my Hee Jung?

“There is another male student named Anthony. His family is a very famous nobleman in France. He is so handsome and drooling–“

“No wonder your clothes are so dirty. It turns out to be drooling . It’s disgusting.” dead! ” “

Park Jae Yu, do you want to fight with me? ” “

noisy on the noisy, Mengkua who told you that damn Anthony? ” “

you do not say that in front of me are annoying Chie it! “

two people There was a quarrel again, and my head was about to be snarled by them, Buddha, gods from the south, east, north and west, hurry up and let them shut up.

I found that my mood became even more depressed after hearing their argument.

Even an arrogant boy like Yu began to admire that Qianhui. It seemed that she was really an excellent girl.

But what is the relationship between her and Hee Jung?

Ordinary childhood sweetheart? Or a lover?

I don’t know how to get back to the room, but the shadows of Xizheng and Qianhui leaving today are in my mind.

He could actually throw me off and follow the other girls.


This is really a huge insult!

Although the relationship between me and Xizheng has been determined, I can’t find the kind of intimate feeling in him.

He always likes to treat me with a cold face, and he likes to call me stupid. Does he love me?

If he loves me, how could he leave me alone and leave with other girls.
If he doesn’t love me, how can he get himself in a car accident in order to save me.

If… alas…

After dinner, I went to bed two hours earlier than usual, so tired! I’m so tired–

Gradually, I found myself sitting in front of a precious piano in a glass house full of roses. Next to me was Xizheng wearing a white suit.

He is so handsome, especially his half profile, just like the POSE of the idol star on the screen.

We played beautiful and beautiful music in front of the piano together, it’s just-how could his face look like ice!

“Hee Jung——”

I called his name while I was playing, but he completely ignored me. His slender fingers touched the keys lightly and made a series of nice sounds. He really deserves to be the piano prince.

“Hee Jung——”

Huh? Two voices actually appeared.

Who is calling Xizheng’s name with me?

I suddenly saw the door of the glass house being pushed open, and then—then—the beautiful violinist came towards us.

Hee Jung smiled suddenly, that smile was so charming and charming.

Qianhui walked to the piano and suddenly picked me up and threw me aside: “Go away, this position belongs to me.”

“Hey! Do you know who you are pushing?” I raised my fist, wanting to punch the bad girl flat.

“I should be the one sitting here!”

She suddenly sat next to Xizheng, and Xizheng did not object.

The two looked at each other tacitly and smiled, Xi was smiling at Qianhui, no!

I am his girlfriend who is both authentic and fake, and also known to the whole school and even mankind. How can he allow other girls to sit next to him?

With the efforts of their 20 fingers, the beautiful sound of the piano works perfectly.

They were sitting together, playing the piano while looking at each other. Hee Jung looked at Qianhui’s eyes-like looking at his most beloved girl, he had never seen me with that look!

hateful! How can he do this?

“Hee Jeong! Kwon Hee Jeong!”

I shouted his name with all my strength, but he ignored it.

“Kwon Hee Jung–” I yelled loudly. I have never yelled anyone with such a loud voice in my life, but he was completely indifferent.

“Kwon Hee Jung-Kwon Hee Jung-Kwon Hee Jung -“

I was hoarse and wished to smash his eardrums. As always, he was as calm as Qianhui—no, it should be said that he was smiling disgustingly with the bad woman who robbed my beloved boyfriend.

He has never smiled at me like this, he has never done — never —

My tears slid down my cheeks in despair, my lungs were about to be blown up by them, and I was going to kill them.

“Kwon Xizheng, I hate you—hate you—hate you!”

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