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Ch 4 “Saving Park Qicai’s Love”

I sat up from the bed all at once, yelling desperately from my throat.

Open your eyes, damn!

I was taken aback by the scene before me.

Brother Gong is wearing a silk pajamas, Brother Zheng is wearing a ridiculous nightcap, Brother Jiao is still holding a basketball in his hand, Brother Shang opens his mouth that seems to be drooling, Yu sits curiously I propped my chin in front of my bed.

They all looked at me with curious eyes.

“You–you–” I looked at the cartoon clock on the wall, and the hand at this moment was exactly at midnight.

“Wow! Are you sleepwalking collectively?”

I hugged the quilt and flew to the bedside, intending to stay away from right and wrong. Maybe they have a tendency to kill during sleepwalking, God! I am only sixteen years old, and I haven’t lived enough yet!

“Qicai, you’re the one who had the nightmare.”

“Xiao Caicai, what kind of shock did you get? You actually roared so miserably in the middle of the night.”

“Xiao Qi, Brother Shang’s heart is not very good recently. If you want to harm my death, can not know in this vicious way to do it. ” “

little Choi, why do you hate hee is ah? he is not your current favorite quasi-boyfriend kiss you? ” “

wow! “

heard Hee With this name, I couldn’t help crying anymore, and my five brothers were frightened by my appearance and hurriedly approached me.

“Oh my God! Little Cai Cai cried!”

“Xiao Qi——”

“Xiao Cai——”

“Cai Cai——”

“He doesn’t want me!”

Although it was a nightmare just now, this nightmare is so real. The thought of Hee Jong treating me like that makes my heart hurt to death.

“Who doesn’t want you anymore, Xiao Cai Cai, hurry up and make it clear.”

“He likes other girls, and that girl is called Qianhui.”

“Qianhui? You mean the one who came to us as an exchange student? Qianhui of Gabriel?” Yu suddenly stared at me.

I gave him an angry look: “That’s right! It’s the super invincible beautiful girl who is worshipped by you and described by you as the most elegant and noble girl in the universe, who beats invincible hands all over the world! “Don’t think I will forget the conversation between him and Yuanzhu this afternoon.


Next, I heard a loud noise, and then, a basketball fell accurately on Yu’s bubbling right face that thought he was handsome.

“Jiao, why are you hitting me with your ball?” Yu clutched the K’s face, looking desperately looking for someone.

“You actually admire my little Qicai’s love rival? And you said that disgusting thing.”

“I—I admit that when I first saw Qianhui, I was really attracted by her beauty, but I never said her. What is the best thing in the universe—” Yu was embarrassed and covered her head, “Little Cai Cai, that Qianhui really wants to fight Xizheng with you? If it is true, I will decide from—”

He suddenly looked at the wall clock, “From this time at 12:14:07 on March 16, 2007, I will despise that Qianhui to Mars.”

“I think we should hold a family urgently. Meeting!” Brother Gong, who had been silent for a long time, suddenly said nothing surprisingly.

“Yes, yes, we do have a temporary family meeting for Xiaoqicai.”

What? No way? at this time? They—they actually wanted—

Next, my five brothers used my room as a conference room.

Conference theme: “Saving Park Chichae’s Love”

theme character: Park Chichae Kwon Hee Jeong Cheon Hye

Moderator: Park Jae-gong

Recorder: Park Jae-woo

Other participants: Park Jae-shang, Park Jae-joe, Park Jae-jung, Park, colorful,

I am dizzy! This is definitely the most individual topic of the year.

Why do my brothers always do things that make people brain-wrenching?

And-and the most unacceptable thing is that all five of them are wearing pajamas at the moment.

Does anyone have a meeting in pajamas?

“Since our little Qicai has a rival in love now, as her dearest brother, that is, the five of us, of course it is impossible to stand idly by.”

Gong Ge is indeed a big boss, and he must be out of business meetings. Enchanted, even the expression is so solemn.

First of all, knowing oneself and the other can win every battle, Yu, what is the origin of that Qianhui? “

“I heard that her dad is a senior official of the French consulate, and my mother is a famous French violinist. She has won awards in many competitions, and she plays the violin very well.”

Humph! How about playing the violin well?

I really didn’t expect Yu to check Qianhui’s background in such detail. If Yuanzhu knew that he cared about Qianhui’s origin, Yuanzhu would definitely flatten his head into a pig’s head.

“It seems that there is a very hot rival in love in front of our Xiao Cai.” Brother Shang frowned and rubbed his chin, how serious and serious his expression was.

“Does Xizheng also like that type of girl?” Gong Ge was also deeply thinking.

“I know, I know!” Yu raised his hands first, “Isn’t she an exchange student of our Saint Gabriel, if she exists, it will definitely affect our family’s Xiao Cai Cai’s status in Xizheng’s mind.” , But if she leaves—”

When everyone looked at Yu, he suddenly showed a treacherous smile.

“Do you have a good way?” Brother Jiao, who was always silent, asked him on behalf of all the members of the meeting.

“I decided to put a lot of bed bugs, cockroaches, and mice in her storage box every day. In this way, within a week, she will definitely ask for the transfer because she can’t stand the stimulation.”

After hearing this bad idea from him, I found that I was really about to collapse!

Woo woo-

Yu really is the big fool with the lowest IQ in the world.

“You can think of such a bad idea, Yu, have I said before that I despise you?” Shang Ge put on a handsome pose.

“In fact, I think the most effective way is to let that Qianhui give up Xizheng!”

how is this possible? Is my business man talking about dreams?

“This requires me, Park Jae-shang, to go out in person. As long as a peerless and invincible man like me who is invincible and invincible in love, as long as he appears in front of Qianhui, I promise that she will immediately fall into my arms—— “

“Brother Shang, it turns out that Xizheng is a hundred times more handsome than you!” How could Qianhui abandon the first-level handsome guy and choose the second-level handsome guy.

“That Qianhui’s violin plays well, why can’t our Xiao Qicai play better than her?”

Brother Zheng suddenly suggested, “We are desperately trying to get Qianhui out of Xizheng’s side, so let’s just start with our little Qi Cai. Since that Qianhui is beautiful and elegant, our little Qi Cai can also become another. Beautiful and elegant, her violin is played well, and our little Qi Cai violin will definitely play well. As the saying goes, people are more dead than people, and trees are more moving than trees. If we are little Qi Cai—”

I’m down!

I’m really about to be ruined by Zheng Ge’s long story. I don’t know what the best-selling novels he wrote are all about. Is it these boring nonsense?

“Instead of letting Xiao Cai learn to play the violin, let’s repack Xiao Cai and refurbish it—”

Packaging renovation? When I heard Gong Ge uttering these four words, I was so scared that my pores stood upright, wouldn’t he be here again?

“Are you going to dress our little colorful as Marilyn Monroe?”

“Ahem!” Gong Ge coughed slightly embarrassedly, “Of course, from a certain angle, that Marilyn Monroe is indeed a little bit older. Young people nowadays seem to like Sweet Sweets. Lanny’s type—”

Britney Spears?

The poster that He Yuanzhu saw in front of the video store not long ago immediately appeared in my mind, and the little Tiantian in it was wearing only a little cloth.

I can’t help being covered with black lines. Isn’t Gong Ge asking me to wear that terrible look?

really! Gong Ge’s proposal brought the common attention of all the members of the meeting.

“If it’s the woman I got dressed like that, I think I can barely accept it, but if this person is replaced by our Xiaocai, boss, I will persuade you to die.” Shang Ge hurriedly shook his head.

“Wearing like Britney, will others misunderstand that Xiao Qi Cai is a girl who can’t even afford a complete dress?” Brother Zheng was also in a state of opposition.

“The weather has turned cold recently. If you only wear three o’clock to go out, you will get cold.” Brother Jiao rubbed his chin solemnly.

“Do you think our Xiao Cai Cai has the figure and capital to wear that kind of thing?” Yu looked at me up and down, with an expression of disbelief in her eyes.

I suddenly felt that I was seriously insulted.

Yu actually doubted my figure?

Although there may be a little more fleshy flesh on my legs, arms, and stomach compared to that Qianhui, but–but–

I was so depressed that I buried myself in the quilt and couldn’t stand it! I really can’t stand it anymore!

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