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Ch1 My boyfriend of Park Qicai


” “

Do-mi- ” In the large and luxurious piano practice room of St. Gabriel High School, sunlight shines through the floor-to-ceiling windows on the red smooth wooden floor .

I was sitting in front of the piano with ten fingers tapping on the keys, trying very hard to show the most lyrical melody in my mind.

“Mi-Mi-Pull-Wow -“

No, it should be, “Mi-Mi-Pull-Duo -” When

I heard the scale was wrong, I hurried to correct it, and then I secretly lifted it At the beginning, I saw the handsome Korean-French mixed-race boy in a pure white suit leaning against the floor-to-ceiling window-also my current boyfriend Quan Hee-jung.

He is so handsome, whether standing, sitting, lying or leaning, every posture is like a model posing a pose!

He is like a prince respected by the gods, even if he doesn’t say a word, he can still make people feel the noble temperament radiating from him.

I couldn’t help but blush secretly, because such an excellent boy is actually my Park Qicai’s boyfriend.


He is my boyfriend too!

Since he woke up from a car accident, this handsome guy who was originally admired by all the girls on campus has played a few performances and has become the ace piano prince of our St. Galli High School.

Some time ago he signed up for the Korean Youth Piano Competition. In order to match him, I also signed up with him. Piano duo-March in G minor, hehe, envy, I am the only one in the school who can play with Hee Jung The girl sitting together playing a piano, thinking of this happy thing, I would almost smile in my dreams.

But before that, I first need to improve my piano level, but I play around and play, the level is quite different from his.

Just when I was thinking about mystery, a “idiot” pulled me back to reality. I found that my handsome boyfriend was frowning and looking towards me, his beautiful mouth was pressed tightly, but his eyes were still full of the temperature that made my heart beat.


His voice was low and heavy, completely despising me, so disgusting! Why does my boyfriend always like to call me a fool.

He was not like him. He was born in a family of music with international standards since he was a child, and it didn’t take long for me to apply for the piano class. How could I have made rapid progress in technology, but he would be scolded for playing a wrong note. Idiot.

Fortunately, I was secretly complimenting his handsome face 13 seconds and 29 microseconds ago, huh! Now I have a stubbornly cool face, and I will pretend to be cool.

I stared at his approaching figure. At this moment, Hee Jung suddenly sat next to me. His slender fingers were gently placed on the keys. When I was wondering what he was going to do, his fingers suddenly became flexible. I replayed the piece I just played.

It’s so beautiful…

It’s so beautiful…

Hee Jung is indeed a real piano prince. The beautiful sound of the piano is like running water on a mountain, constantly emitting beautiful melodies. I’m almost intoxicated in this state of selflessness. .

When the last scale finally ended, Hee Jung stared at me helplessly.

“Did you mind when you went out?” As he said, he raised his hand and knocked on my forehead.

“Do you have soy milk in it?”

Soy milk? What is this guy talking about? How dare to despise me, a super invincible genius girl?


I was just about to speak, when Hee Jung stood up suddenly and took her from behind my back. His big warm hands gently covered my hands, and his soft lips were close to my ears. side.

“Each key is a small life. When you treat them with your heart, they will naturally give you nice notes. So please concentrate on playing the piano, otherwise these small lives will cry and change. It’s an awful noise.”

Xizheng’s gentle voice rang behind my ears, and I felt myself being held in front of his generous chest. I smelled the unique fresh smell of him, and my heart was pounding. The ground jumped wildly.

Although I have formally dated with Hee Jeong, the close contact still made my heart beat uncontrollably.

“I don’t think you know that the first prize of the Korean Youth Music Competition is a free coupon for a seven-day trip to Hawaii?”

Hee Jung’s deep voice continued to ring behind my ears, “Don’t you want to spend time with me in Hawaii? Romantic vacation?”

“Romantic vacation?” I yelled in disbelief, and looked back at Xizheng’s handsome face, his lips now filled with a very evil smile.

Seeing me turning back, he nodded very badly: “Yes, it’s a romantic holiday, but…”

He knocked on my head again, “If you can’t guarantee that you will win the first prize in this competition, The so-called romantic vacation will become a bliss.”

“Kwon Hee-jung, how can you do this, people don’t start learning piano since you were so young…”

“Don’t you always pretend to be a genius? Is there anything a genius can’t do?” He retorted.

genius? My sanity was immediately replaced by vanity.

Hahaha—it turns out that Xizheng also thinks I am a genius, oh ha ha ha—

“Don’t worry, let alone the champion of the Korean youth music competition, even the champion of the world youth competition is small for me, Park Qicai. CASE!”

At this time, Hee Jeong gave me a look to continue practicing. For the Haikou I just praised, I must prove to Hee Jeong that I, Park Qicai, will do what I say.


fa- ” I secretly looked at Xizheng beside me with the corners of my eyes. He was looking at me with an encouraging look, so handsome! He is so handsome…


fa- ” Ah!

Ruined! I was electrocuted by the handsome guy in front of me.

Obviously, Xizheng frowned at me, my heart became tense, and the rhythm again made a huge mistake.

Why do you always play this song badly? My finger seems to be out of my control. I obviously want to press the “Do” button, but it just presses the “Come” button.

“You really are a fool!” He started to scold me again, and his tone was full of contempt and helplessness towards me.

“That’s because the angle you stand has put a lot of pressure on my mind.” I tried desperately to find excuses for myself.

He curled his eyebrows and stared at me disapprovingly: “Are you sure that my existence affects you?”


How should I answer him? I like the feeling of being with him, but being too good always makes me feel inferior.


, are you really a fool?

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