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Chapter 4 Plastic Sisterhood

Sure enough, there were a lot of clothes neatly in Jing Yinuo’s box. The black, white and gray clothes were in sharp contrast with the brightly colored clothes. The silent Yin Shun’s eyes gradually deepened and looked at Jing Yinuo.

“Sister Yinuo, I’m helping you… They will always know if you do something wrong.” Su Wan wiped her tears and looked good for Jing Yinuo.

It’s a pity that Su Wan’s acting skills didn’t go to the film. If it weren’t for the various experiences in her previous life, even Jing Yinuo would believe in Su Wan.

Yin Shunning gazed at the clothes in the box with a gloomy expression, without blinking his eyes. A discerning person knew that the clothes in the box were indeed Yin Shuning’s works.

The staff present have seen the works of the last three contestants and know their respective styles.

Jing Yinuo prefers a simple and neat workplace style, Su Wan is good at girlish style, and Yin Shunning has a unique understanding of colors. The clothes he designed are bold and gorgeous, which are very popular among young people.

“The clothes are in your box, how do you explain?”

“Yin Shunning looked for clothes all night, he couldn’t have left the clothes in your box, right?”

“Heh, this woman is really shameless, in order to win the championship. Any method is used.”

The people watching the excitement began to agitate, and some people had already begun to say insulting words.

Jing Yinuo didn’t have the slightest expression on her face, staring fixedly at Su Wan. The previous life Jing Yinuo was so sad and helpless when she was framed. He obviously did not do anything but was infamy.

All of this is thanks to Su Wan.

Jing Yinuo ignored the many melon-eating people who were chewing their tongues, and said to Li Yan: “Second Young Master Li, what do you think should be done with people who steal Yin Shunning’s works?”

Li Yan raised his eyebrows, his eyes were unpredictable, and he looked straight. Jing Yinuo said, “Disqualification from the competition and permanent ban.”

Jing Yinuo smiled and said, “Young Master

Li said nothing?” Li Yan nodded freely.

The others, including Yin Shunning, were surprised. Is Jing Yinuo crazy?

Obviously Jing Yinuo stole things by himself, so he was so calm, so calm and calm. He even asked Yin Shunning what to do with him. This was his own death.

Su Wan didn’t know what medicine was sold in Jing Yinuo’s gourd, and she was a little sweaty on her forehead.

Her weak body leaned close to Jing Yi Nuo, grabbed her arm and pretended to be concerned, “Sister Yi Nuo, what’s wrong with you? I know people may go crazy after major stimulation, but, sister, you are still young, don’t scare me “

Jing Yinuo shook Su Wan aside and said sternly: “I think you are crazy.”

Jing Yinuo took out his mobile phone in the eyes of everyone’s surprise, and gave it to Li Yan after a while.

Li Yan took Jing Yinuo’s phone and watched the video content on it. This is a replay of a surveillance video. It can clearly be seen that Su Wan opened the trunk of the car and put the clothes in her box into Jing Yinuo’s box. .

“Second Young Master Li, is it a crime to stole things and blame others?” Jing Yinuo made a sharp remark in due course.

Li Yan smiled, “It makes sense, then add another report to the outside world.”

Li Yan passed the phone to Yin Shunning, “Watch it yourself.”

Yin Shuning looked dark and terrifying after watching the video content, and rushed to Su with gritted teeth. Wan before.

Su Wan shrank into a ball in fright, and went straight to hide behind Jing Yinuo, “Sister Yinuo, save me.”

Jing Yinuo didn’t throw away Su Wan again, but sneered, “Su Wan, I treat you as my sister. Knowing that your family situation is not good, you must keep a copy of everything you eat, wear and play, and even sponsor you to study abroad, but you stole Yin Shunning’s work and blamed me.” As

soon as this statement came out, everyone said Very horrified.

This reversal is too fast. First, Yin Shuning’s clothes for the competition were lost, then Jing Yinuo stole something to win the championship, and then Su Wan stole Yin Shuning’s work to blame Jing Yinuo.

What a scheming out of the palace.

Su Wan’s face turned pale, and cold sweat broke out on her back, “Yi…Sister Yinuo, you…what are you talking about, why can’t I understand.”

Jing Yinuo snorted heavily, “Don’t understand? Do you understand?”

Jing Yinuo pointed at a protrusion on the trunk of the car, mocking: “What you did this morning is clearly photographed, and you still want to deny it.”

Su Wanwanwan Unexpectedly, Jing Yinuo would install a miniature camera in the trunk. The whole person was panicked. She fell to the ground with her legs and crawled towards Jing Yinuo, crying sadly: “That’s not the case, sister Yinuo , Listen to my explanation, it’s not like this…”

Jing Yinuo rolled her face away, she never wanted to look at Su Wan’s deceptive face again, “I believe my eyes more than your lies.”

Su Wan cried like a tearful person, and refused to admit it, “It’s really not like that. I saw those clothes at my sister’s house. I thought my sister forgot to take them, so I put them in for you.”

Jing Yinuo Coldly said: “You haven’t been to my house at all these days. You can go with me to adjust the surveillance at the gate of the community.”

“You understand the truth now? Call the police and let the police handle it. I don’t want to be involved in this kind of thing. A waste of time.” Jing Yinuo kicked Su Wan away at her feet, unwilling to bother with a bitch.

When Jing Yinuo left, the crowd suddenly exploded.

Everyone who was watching the excitement brought their mobile phones, and many people recorded the scene and posted it online.

Both Su Wan and Jing Yinuo are beautiful women. Jing Yinuo has a fresh appearance and heroic eyes. She is a neat girl, while Su Wan is cute and lovely.

The intrigue between pretty girls can most attract the attention of others.

Not long after the video was sent out, it was reposted frantically by netizens. People who saw the video couldn’t help but curse Su Wan with two milk tea bitches. He swiped his head and swiped his phone to read online comments, and the smile on his mouth never disappeared.

This woman named Jing Yinuo looked innocent, but her thoughts were very deep.

A woman is such a troublesome and dangerous animal, she can’t help but sigh.

This competition was held by Jiaran Clothing. On the one hand, they were to build momentum for the company’s brand, and on the other hand, they wanted to select the right designer. They collapsed with the original designer team and could only choose another designer.

The competition stipulates that all designers under the age of 35 can participate, and all three contestants who make it into the final can work in Jiaran Clothing. The champion can get a prize of 100,000 yuan, just look at Jing Yinuo’s car. Just know that she is not short of 100,000 yuan, let alone a job.

Li Yan snatched Jing Yinuo’s cell phone from Yin Shunning, and ran after Jing Yinuo with both hands.

Yin Shunning yelled in a hurry, “Second Young Master, what should I do with this woman?”

Li Yan waved his hand nonchalantly, “You can figure it out, they dare not offend you anyway.”

Yin Shunning clenched his fists so that his veins burst. There is no way to use Li Yan, who makes Li Yan a notoriously ineffective tool? If you look for Li Yan in business, it is uncomfortable for yourself.

Li Yan chased to Jing Yinuo’s lounge, opened the door and leaned against the door, his casual eyes were sharp, “You go back and tell my eldest brother, I will close Jia Ran at most, so you don’t need to stare at me.”

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