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Chapter 1 Wife, live well

“My wife, live well!” On the edge of the high-rise building roof, dense bullets shot from all directions.

There is nowhere to hide.

The seriously injured Bai Qinghao hugged Fang Xinxin and quickly fell from the top of the roof, the wind whistling in his ears.

Fang Xinxin only felt in mid-air, Bai Qinghao changed her face-to-face posture, and he moved her up.

Then, bang!

A huge muffled sound of flesh landing.

Bai Qinghao became her pad.

Fang Xinxin raised her head with difficulty from him, and opened her lips tremblingly: “Bai…Bai Qinghao?”

He did not respond.

She was lying on his body, shaking her hands eagerly, grabbing his arm and groping upwards, reaching under his nose, nothing alive!

He… is he dead?

Fang Xinxin opened her big empty eyes, as usual, there was only endless darkness where she saw her.

The sticky and greasy thing under his finger is the blood gushing out of his mouth.

She couldn’t see things, but she knew that he was protecting her with his body, and his internal organs were broken and his bones shattered.

But she was not hurt at all.

A sad emotion came from her chest.

Bai Qinghao, you fool!

He can completely avoid her burden, and he can walk alone.

In order to protect her blind and paralyzed paralyzed person, is it worth it to kill her? does it worth!

Betrothed to him since childhood, she avoided him and avoided him.

After ten years of marriage, she regarded him as a snake and scorpion, constantly destroying and running away.

I don’t know how many things she broke him before and after the marriage, how many entrapped him.

He punishes her furiously, imprisons her, and takes her!

She wanted him to die.

Now, he is really dead, why is her heart so painful, so painful, the whole heart burst with blood.

It was only at this moment that she understood that no matter what she looked like a human, a ghost or a ghost, he was loving and cherishing her with his life!

Until this moment, she didn’t understand that, it turned out that he had sneaked into her heart long ago.

He is clearly so powerful that he is invincible, and he will never fall down. How could he just die like this?

Something welled out of her eyes, flowing down her cheeks, to her lips.

The fishy smell spread through the lips.

Two rows of red blood and tears.

The pain was so painful that tears turned into blood.

She has no eyes, loves the wrong man, and is blind and paralyzed!

And she, a waste person, blind, can’t even look at his corpse.

A large number of footsteps approached from far away…

There were screams and shouts from the crowd, and death threats in pursuit.

“My wife, live well!” His hoarse and low voice seemed to echo in his ears.

That was the last sentence before his death.

Even if he is dead, his arms are still tightly wrapped around her waist, seeming to be afraid of losing her.

She has supernatural powers.

It could have been temporarily invisible and escaped desperate pursuit in the crowd.

But he loves her so much, how can she let him die alone? Can’t make his last words.

Can’t live without him.

She slowly lowered her body and leaned her face back to his flat and solid chest, feeling that his body was still stalwart without a half alive.

Motivated her mind, a powerful air current burst out from her body, her body instantly exploded, and the blood poured through his body…

sheng, she took him.

After death, her blood melted into his body, and her soul soaked his bone marrow!

If there is another life, she will never love Bai Chenxi again, she will definitely cherish his love, and will never be separated from him…


It really hurts.

Fang Xinxin slowly opened her eyes from the intense pain.

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