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Chapter 1 The Planned Approach

The night is as cool as water.

In the master bedroom of Shuixie Garden, a stalwart figure presses a slender girl on the big bed. His breath is fiery. The closer the two are, his male hormonal breathing stays on her exposed skin, causing a prairie fire. .

Her little white hand touched the other’s chest, and her voice smiled sweetly: Sanshu, guess who I am? “

The moment she heard this sound clearly, the other party pushed her away like an electric shock. Her slender body was like a rolling ball, and she fell off the bed without warning.

Oh! “Qiao Xi’s voice was filled with pain.

In the next second, the light in the room was like daylight, and Qiao Xi, who was rubbing his head on the ground, looked innocently at Lu Liyang.

She only wore a silk dress with a suspender that could be pulled off with a little effort. Under the warm yellow light, the clothes that covered her body could almost be seen clearly.

Lu Liyang hurriedly put on the glasses he had just held in his hand, saw the scene in front of him clearly, and quickly turned sideways, not looking at her again.

He didn’t get much better either. Two white shirt buttons had been unbuttoned, and his meticulous hair looked a little messy. He stood on the head of the bed, his eyebrows rose slightly, his original pure and extraordinary face had a trace of uncontrolled Red, with suppressed panic between breathing.

Lu Liyang’s Adam’s apple rolled, clenching his fists as if he was trying his best to endure his emotions.

Qiao Xi? “There was a slight disbelief in his voice, but a rare shocked expression appeared on his face.

it’s me. “Qiao Xi’s eyes were wide open, with water in them.

Lu Liyang rubbed his painful temples, pushed the glasses on the bridge of his nose, a bit of sullenness in his voice: Go down and get dressed first. “The words fell silent, his straight figure had already walked out of the room.

He didn’t mean to look at her again.

Qiao Xi rubbed her aching head, watched the invisible camera in her hand twitching at the corner of her mouth, and slowly got up from the ground. With this, she was almost pushed to death by Lu Liyang under the bed.

The main house of Lu Zhai is a typical Chinese-style building, but the Shuixie Garden where Lu Liyang lives is a duplex, so Qiao Xi had the opportunity to climb here from the courtyard where Lu Qinghan lives next door and hide in Lu Liyang’s room. in.

Lu Liyang had recovered his calmness, changed into a moon-white housewear, and stood in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows, silently watching the night outside the floor-to-ceiling windows.

He has a straight body, a gentle and clean temperament like a spotless jade, and the corners of his mouth have a cold arc.

The media once reported on Lu Liyang, saying that although he is the third among the Lu family brothers, he is the youngest one.

However, he has the old and wise eyes beyond his age, and created the new wealth of the Lu family. He became the youngest man at the helm of the Lu family.

Because he kills Guojue in the mall, and often acquires other companies with the momentum of thunder, he is quick and ruthless. The world thinks he has a fierce face or a rough face and a beard, but in reality, Lu Liyang wears gold-rimmed glasses all the time. The appearance is cold and cold, and it feels like no cannibalism.

Even if Qiao Xi tried to control her mind, don’t panic, but when she quietly walked to the living room, Lu Liyang turned her head and saw the sharpness between his brows and eyes, which still made her heart beat unconsciously. accelerate.

At this moment, he was still looking at her blankly, and she felt a slight chill on her back, with dense cold sweats.

She pretends to be relaxed, the clothes on her body are still the loose silk pajamas, but a shawl is added, but she deliberately reveals most of her shoulders, and her shiny snowy skin makes people unable to move her eyes.

She deliberately pretended to raise her eyebrows and smiled at Lu Li Yang, but she was not vulgar, and her delicate little face added a few charms that she should not have at her age.

Lu Liyang, who has always been gentle and peaceful, is now full of indifferent colors, and the eyes under the lenses reveal sharpness. He didn’t pay attention to her pretending to be mad, but asked: Why do you do this? “

Qiao Xi shrugged his shoulders indifferently, while peeping at his face, she said diligently: I have admired Sanshu for a long time, so naturally I want to have a romantic night with Sanshu! “

He heard her saying that, and the corners of his mouth froze for a second.

This is unconvincing, and for him he doesn’t have to distinguish between true and false, because he doesn’t believe it at all.

Seeing that his face became a little ugly again, Qiao Xi’s hippie smiling face was slightly reduced.

She is the girlfriend of his nephew Lu Qinghan, but she lay on his bed tonight and said she would have a romantic night with him. Isn’t it ridiculous?

I didn’t bother to talk around with her, I just wanted to quickly let her talk about the important points so that I could get out of him.

What do you want to do, just say it. “

After saying this, Lu Liyang pulled out a sneer at the corner of his mouth, and met her clear eyes with an unconcealed irony.

His expression clearly regarded her as a girl who wanted to sell her skin in exchange for money.

Qiao Xi’s cheeks reddened and white, and his heart was ups and downs, but at this time he still has to continue to exert his composure: I hope you can slow down the land acquisition of Qingtan Ancient Street. That piece of land contains too many memories of old people, many old people …”

Before Qiao Xi could finish speaking, Lu Liyang couldn’t help but sneered, looking at her like a joke.

Foolish dreams. “Lu Liyang refused without even thinking about it.

Qingtan Ancient Street is a very backward street in the center of the city. If the land is not requisitioned by him, it will be demolished by the government sooner or later. Once this land is expropriated, a new shopping mall can be built and become a new symbol of the city.

His series of business plans have been fully deployed and only need to be implemented step by step.

What old people’s memories are hidden in the street she mentioned at this time, whether her brain was gnawed by a pig, I don’t know the height of the sky.

Of course, she knew that Lu Liyang couldn’t agree so easily, so she was prepared.

Third uncle, Qing Han is still lying on the hospital bed and is not awake. If at this time it is reported that his third uncle has an affair with his girlfriend, what do you think? “

Oh, what are you going to do? “Lu Liyang’s voice didn’t make waves.

I posted the video on the Internet. Poor people like us can do everything. “

What Qiao Xi said was relaxed, but the actual heartbeat almost jumped out of her mouth.

Lu Liyang’s golden frame, under the warm yellow light, refracted golden light, which could clearly shine into Qiao Xi’s eyes.

He didn’t speak any more, just looking at her like this, his expression was very calm, but Qiao Xi felt that there was a cold wind blowing, and she felt cold to the bones of the water pavilion where the temperature was like spring all year round.

It depends on whether you can go out and post videos alive. “Lu Liyang is still accustomed to cold, saying this, the aura between his eyebrows has not moved at all.

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