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Chapter 2 Are you scared?

Qiao Xi tilted her head, not afraid, and smiled mischievously. It doesn’t matter if I die. The video is synchronized with Bluetooth. Naturally someone outside will help me…”

This is also preparing for the union of the inside and the outside, it seems that her brain is not all eaten by the pig, there is still a little left.

Lu Liyang pushed his glasses, a gleam of cold light flashed, his lips curled up in a beautiful curve, and he uttered a few words: I underestimated you. “

Qiao Xi stopped answering, she just smiled and looked at him. At this time, she calmed down instead, and she was just dead, calmly accepting Lu Liyang’s increasingly cold eyes.

When the two were in a stalemate, when they heard the sound of footsteps suddenly coming from the top of the stairs, Qiao Xi couldn’t help but panicked. If this was hit by someone, would she be strangled to death by Lu Liyang on the spot?

Fortunately, the sound of footsteps did not come up again, only halfway down, and an elderly voice came from below: Third Young Master, please come over there. “

Lu Liyang replied: Well, I know. “

The footsteps of the old housekeeper stopped immediately, and did not come up again.

The heart hanging by Qiao Wanxi relaxes for no reason, but Lu Liyang has a trace of inquiry on his face, and can’t help but ridicule: know you are afraid? “

Why don’t you know? She’s afraid to die now, okay?

Before she could speak again, Lu Liyang pointed to the floor-to-ceiling window. The gentle-faced person just now had a voice full of majesty: Wherever he came from, go back from wherever he came. Don’t let me see you appearing here a second time. “

But…” Qiao Xi hasn’t gotten his promise yet, so hey.

Do you want me to ask the bodyguard to throw you out? “Lu Liyang’s voice was obviously impatient, Qiao Xi’s thin shoulders trembled uncontrollably.

Okay, she didn’t dare to offend him anymore, it was just that after spending so much trouble tonight, but didn’t get half of his answer about the word, she was willing to go wherever she went.

A pair of innocent and desperate small eyes looked back at him step by step, but Lu Liyang was known for his coldness and ruthlessness. His Bingshan expression was always cold and unmoved.

When she was about to step out of the balcony, Lu Liyang suddenly said: Wait a minute. “

Qiao Xi was happy in his heart, thinking that he had changed his mind, and turned around in a hurry, but he had already walked quickly to her, the cold faint sandalwood scent on him came oncoming.

Give me something! “

He stretched out his long, well-knotted hands towards her, and his pale blue blood vessels could be clearly seen on his fair skin.

It’s really unfair, he even has such a nice hand.

Qiao Xi was still pretending to be stupid at what he was referring to, but his eyes were sharp as if he wanted to see her through, pretending to be the most irrational choice in front of him.

Qiao Xi bit her lip and was hesitating how to resist, but he reached out and grabbed her right wrist. Before she could respond, he had already arbitrarily broken her clenched fist. Their strength was very different. She resisted for a while, but he was forced by him. Stretch out your fingers.

The miniature camera lying in his palm was snatched by him.

Qiao Xiqi’s eyes widened, looked at him in disbelief, and said angrily: You are a robbery. “

But he snorted coldly, raised his eyes and looked at the wooden board on the side of the balcony, his expression unhappy: Are you still leaving? “

He didn’t even bother to talk to himself, Qiao Xifei was going to explode, but he was helpless.

Enduring his anger, he obediently followed a wooden board and slowly climbed to the courtyard where Lu Qinghan lived. At the end, he did not forget to turn his head and give him a big eye.

In his eyes, she was ridiculous and uneducated.

Lu Liyang made sure that she had entered Lu Qinghan’s room, so he turned around and closed his eyes and took a deep breath.

The girl’s white glowing body can still clearly come to mind, and the soft touch he touched on the bed, and his mind clearly emerges, all things that have not been done on the bed just now…

His super self-control has been useless, his body has clearly reacted, and it is the second time tonight…

Before going to the old man’s place, he hurriedly went to the bathroom first, how could he admit that his body and mind, which had not changed for a long time, was spurred by this little girl.

In Lu Qinghan’s room.

Qiao Wanxi’s trembling body was still trembling because of excessive tension.

She was careful not to make a sound, slipped to the bathroom and changed back to her clothes, and hurriedly stuffed the thin silk skirt into her bag. Only then did she know what she was afraid of.

Such a small wooden board, one can fall off accidentally, without falling to death, it is probably the same as Lu Qinghan who was lying unconscious on the bed.

It’s just that I have put so much effort into it, and it seems that it is not threatening to Lu Liyang. Does he really mind publishing these things by himself?

If he really insists on expropriating that piece of land quickly, what should the elderly in Qingtan Nursing Home do?

They have long regarded it as their home. If they were to move a place, they would all be stubborn and would rather die there now…

When she was thinking about her headache, she heard a sound coming from the stairs. Qiao Wanxi put down her bag and sorted out her clothes. She didn’t notice anything unusual, and hurried out of the bathroom and sat next to Lu Qinghan.

Looking at Lu Qinghan who was sleeping peacefully while lying on the bed.

This boyfriend is actually because of the land.

When Lu Qinghan took the construction team to demolish the house in Qingtan Old Street for two months, Qiao Xi was accompanying her grandfather in a nursing home. A group of homeless elderly people desperately opposed the expropriation and asked Qiao Xi to help negotiate with Lu Qinghan. .

They only met for this reason.

A beautiful girl who is poor and white is very attractive to the rich and the young. Qiao Xi wanted to know if there was any other room for this land, so he agreed to his pursuit.

However, Lu Qinghan didn’t get any bargaining from her, and she didn’t know how many times she cheated secretly. Before he got into the car accident, Qiao Xi had already agreed to break up with him.

Only two days before breaking up, Lu Qinghan was racing with people on the highway and had a huge car accident.

It was also the Lu family who had money, and only managed to save Lu Qinghan’s life when he hired the most famous doctor at home and abroad, but whether he could wake up depends on God’s will.

Here, Lu Qinghan was unconscious in a car accident. The demolition work of Qingtan Old Street was changed to personal responsibility, and the demolition still had to be demolished.

Qiao Xi was afraid that those old people would really do stupid things, so she continued to go in and out of Lu’s house under the pretense of being Lu Qinghan’s girlfriend, to see if she could find a chance to turn around.

She planned for a long time before she decided to take the route of deliberately seducing her in Lu Liyang’s room and then filming the video.

But I didn’t expect that in the end, it made her feel ashamed of nowhere to hide.

When she was in her memory, Qiao Xi’s heart moved slightly when she heard the footsteps at the door getting closer, and she stretched out her hand to lift the quilt off Lu Qinghan…

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