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Chapter 3 Proposing to Marry Qiao Xi

The door was pushed open, and it was Lu Qinghan’s mother Yao Anran.

Xiaoxi, it’s been hard work for you, you are still with Qinghan so late. “

At this time, Qiao Wanxi was really massaging Lu Qinghan’s arms. She was quick in her hands. Looking at Lu Qinghan’s arms and trouser legs being rolled up, it seemed that she had been pressing for a long time.

At this time, Qiao Xi’s expression was full of love for Lu Qinghan, and she looked like a well-behaved female who worked hard and resented, and she was totally different from the dress she had in Lu Liyang’s room just now.

Qiao Wanxi smiled docilely, and said in a very soft voice: Auntie, this is what I should do. “

Yao Anran was moved by the look, and hurriedly took her hand to ask her to rest for a while, saying that these things should be done by the next person.

Auntie, my massage for Qinghan is different from that of a servant. He can also feel how I miss him and wake up faster. “


Qiao Xi felt that she was about to vomit in the next second when he said so numbly.

This was obviously very useful to Yao Anran. After her son became a vegetative, her mother, as a mother, became more delicate and moved more easily. At this time, she pulled Qiao Xi very emotionally and said a lot of heart-wrenching words.

Think about the rich girls with whom the son had been with each other long ago. There is only this girl who has no family background, who has never abandoned him.

When people are not like this, no one can tell what true feelings are.

Qiao Xi’s sweet mouth is sweet, and Yao Anran likes her to chat with her very much. She dragged her to stop her from giving Lu Qinghan a massage. After talking with her for a long time, he asked the driver to take her back and repeatedly emphasized that She will come tomorrow.

After Qiao Xi left, Yao Anran went to see the old man.

Lu Liyang happened to be still chatting with the old man. She knocked on the door and went in.

After she explained her intentions, Lu Qingming, the elder of the Lu family, showed a rare heartache. The eldest grandson of the Lu family is no different from the living dead now.

Yao Anran said that he had asked the master to give Lu Qinghan a fortune-telling, saying that this was a fate, and as long as a happy event helped him through this fate, he would wake up.

What Yao Anran meant was that Qiao Xi had a deep affection for Lu Qinghan, and wanted Qiao Xi to marry the Lu family. On the one hand, he really liked the girl and wanted her to be her daughter-in-law, and on the other hand, he was so happy for Lu Qinghan.

Before the change, the old man must find it extremely absurd, but the situation is special right now, his precious grandson does not wake up day by day, and his heart is still tugging.

The old man was silent and did not speak again, considering the feasibility of this matter.

Lu Liyang leaned against the chair with a clear breeze, looking like a fairy tale.

He shouldn’t have spoken about this, but when Yao Anran said that Qiao Xi was cute and considerate to Lu Qinghan, he couldn’t hold back a sneer at the corner of his mouth.

Is this the girl who seduced him in the room just now? The same person?

The ironic smile cannot be hidden.

Third, what do you think? “The old man asked, fascinated by the wrinkled eyelids, staring at the younger son’s face.

Is his old eyes dizzy and Lu Liyang is actually smiling?

Lu Liyang put away that smile, his voice was faint, like a ray of breeze: It’s okay to decide with you. “

Yao Anran said again about how Qiao Xi massaged Lu Qinghan just now. He cried and said that she was so heart-warmed. Every time she came to give Qinghan a massage, it lasted for several hours. .

Lu Liyang just took a sip of the tea and heard Yao Anran’s words. He almost squirted out with a “poof” and swallowed back, coughing fiercely.

Both Yao Anran and Old Man Lu looked at him in surprise, especially Old Man Lu frowned. What happened to him tonight?

The unsmiling third child on weekdays, laughing for a while and spraying tea tonight, is really abnormal.

Sorry, I have had a cold these two days and my throat is a little uncomfortable. “Lu Liyang explained after slowly coming over.

Yao Anran didn’t take his abnormality to heart, and continued to talk about a series of her thoughts. As the old man listened, while watching Lu Liyang, a few doubts arose in his heart.

Okay, let the youngest take care of this. “

After listening to Yao Anran’s words, Lu Qingming glanced at Lu Liyang and announced directly.

Lu Liyang’s always expressionless face frowned at this moment, but it was only a moment before his face became clear.

Yao Anran looked at him with a begging face, and said: Then going to Qiao’s family to propose a marriage will trouble the third brother. With the way Qing Han is now, your brother and I don’t have the energy to handle these things. “

Lu Liyang’s refusal words reached his lips, and finally swallowed into his stomach.

Sister-in-law and eldest brother are probably in the mentality of rushing to the doctor at this moment. I would rather believe it. If he refuses, it will be unkind.

It’s just that Lu Qinghan is so virtuous now and wants to marry him a daughter-in-law. What is the point of such a tossing? Chongxi’s argument is put in the science and technology society, it is absurd and ridiculous.

No matter how dismissive he was, he still had to take care of it, and he couldn’t refuse it.

OK, I will go to Qiao’s house tomorrow. “

The next day.

The door of Qiao’s house was open, obviously waiting for a long time.

To be precise, I received a call from the Lu family in the morning, saying that someone from the Lu family will come to propose to their Qiao daughter.

After confirming that it was not a joke on the phone or a liar many times, everyone except Qiao Xi in Qiao’s family was as excited as they had won the 5 million lottery.

The Lu family in City G, that is the top-ranked home of the wealthiest in the country, unexpectedly came to get married with their family.

Something that I didn’t even dare to dream happened!

Mom, do you think I can dress like this? Does the makeup look too mature? “Qiao Lu’er’s nervous voice has changed, and countless layers of powder have been applied to his face, and he is still constantly applying air cushions to make up.

Looking at her daughter’s delicate and beautiful face, Xin Nan said with satisfaction: It’s right, our baby is naturally beautiful. “

Qiao Lu’er’s face was full of complacency, thinking about how many times better she was than Qiao Xi. When the people from the Lu family came over, she would definitely be fancying herself.

She was two years older than Qiao Xi. At fifteen, Jiang Xinnan married Qiao Zhengli, and she followed Qiao’s house.

Although the Qiao family is not rich, it is much better than their previous poor life.

The villain Dezhi became more and more mean, and Qiao Xi, who had no mother, was helpless, and even his father Qiao Zhengli was instigated by their mother and daughter to hate her even more.

Qiao Xi became the biggest obstacle in the eyes of their mother and daughter.

Some of Qiao Xi’s Qiao Lu’er wants to take away, and what Qiao Xi doesn’t have, she wants to take first. Her stepdaughter must take advantage everywhere to be willing.

Thinking of waiting to rub Qiao Xi completely under her feet, she felt even more nervous and excited.

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