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Chapter 4 The Third Uncle Hits Upright

The mother and daughter were wearing beautiful skirts in the living room, looking at each other, Qiao Zhengli also put on a three-piece suit and walked downstairs.

This suit was made by him at the Armani counter three years ago. Qiao Zhengli would never wear it unless he went to important occasions.

In the past two years, his trading business has been in a downturn, and the little money the company has made can only maintain their daily expenses in face.

In fact, only he himself knows how tight the life is to keep Jiang Xinnan’s mother and daughter dealing with ladies on weekdays in order to pay attention to style.

But now these problems will be resolved soon. His daughter is about to marry to the Lu family and will fly to the branch to become a phoenix. He no longer needs to worry about money.

Thinking of this, he even walked with confidence.

Where is Qiao Xi? The people of the Lu family are coming soon, so don’t come down to meet him. “Qiao Zhengli walked downstairs and found that his eldest daughter was missing, and his tone was a bit unhappy.

The Lu family only said to propose marriage, but didn’t specify which daughter he fancyed. He wondered if they wanted to come over and have a look, and ask to marry whomever they fancy.

Then Qiao Xi is also to be selected!

Jiang Xinnan hurried over and gently took Qiao Zhengli’s arm in a very empathetic voice: Don’t be so loud, husband, Xixi didn’t come home late last night and let her rest a while. “

It seems to be justifying Qiao Xi, but it is actually fanning the flames in front of Qiao Zhengli, suggesting that Qiao Xi came back late last night.

Which girl with a good tutor does not return home at night, it is getting more and more unruly! “Qiao Zhengli became more and more popular.

Jiang Xinnan hurriedly pretended to be scared, clutching her chest, pretending to be innocent and said: My husband is because I didn’t teach her well, blame me if you want to blame, don’t scold Xixi! “

How could Xin Nan blame you for this? When you got married, Qiao Xi was in junior high school. It was her dead mother who taught me badly. If she has to be half way to teach so well, I don’t have to worry. ! “

After speaking, Qiao Zhengli walked upstairs angrily to find Qiao Xi.

Seeing his bulging back Qiao Zhengli, Jiang Xinnan couldn’t help showing a vicious smile, and Qiao Lu’er couldn’t help applauding her mother.

Mom, you are so amazing. Every time you succeed in making that little bitch Qiao Xi suffer a lot. “

Jiang Xinnan smiled triumphantly, waiting for the old thing to slap her twice, do you think the people of the Lu family will still be able to see her later? “

Qiao Lu’er couldn’t help but hugged Jiang Xinnan and was even more happy: Mother still has a way, I really love you! “

No one can be a stumbling block to my daughter’s marriage to the Lu family. Whoever stands in the way will make her dead ugly. “

Qiao Xi has been hiding in the corner of the stairway, witnessing the wonderful performance of the three of them with his own eyes”, almost clapping the mother and daughter!

Oscar owes the mother and daughter a trophy!

Qiao Zhengli had already gone upstairs at this time, and he happened to see her right here. Before she could speak, Qiao Zhengli raised his hand and called out.

Qiao Xi had long been used to his father after having a stepmother, and became almost like a beast, and she couldn’t remember the time when she beat her indiscriminately.

She was defensive and accurately shook his slammed hand. She looked at him with a pale expression on her face: Dad, when the Lu family came, I saw your daughter’s face was beaten into a pig’s head. People look down on me. How to do? “

Qiao Xi’s words were ironic, but Qiao Zhengli couldn’t hear it.

He thought about it for a while, and it made sense. The two daughters are always chosen by the family, and the odds are always higher.

Qiao Zhengli snorted and put his hand back, his face still angered, not filial piety, you are reasonable if you don’t come home at night! “

After the people of the Lu family have left, I will listen to your disposition. “

Qiao Zhengli glared at her, and said with a disgusted face: Then don’t hurry down. “

immediately! “

Of course, Qiao Xi is not uncommon to marry a Lu family, and is even less interested in knowing who the other party is. It’s just that the mother and daughter care so much about this matter, so she has to respond to them to have fun!

Not only did she not get beaten up ugly, but she also deliberately changed into a tight skirt.

Her clothes were all the old clothes Qiao Lu’er wore and she didn’t want this skirt. However, Qiao Xi’s figure is well proportioned, and her slender body bulges forward and backwards, so she just wears out the skirt Qiao Lu’er doesn’t want. Tight curves.

Especially Qiao Xi also painted a thin light makeup, and she walked down the stairs, not to mention the brilliance.

Qiao Lu’er’s angry eyes were about to fall, and her jealousy and unwillingness made her lose her mind. Seeing that she was about to rush over to tear Qiao Xi’s skirt, Jiang Xinnan stopped her.

Oops, our Xixi is so beautiful today. We came back at two or three o’clock last night and there was no dark circle at all! “

Jiang Xinnan was still using what happened last night to stir up trouble, Qiao Xi sneered in her heart. When she came back last night, it was just after 11 o’clock, and it was two or three o’clock in her mouth.

They didn’t know about her privately going into and out of Lu’s house. She just went to play with excuses and came back late.

This has also become the reason for Jiang Xinnan to sow discord in front of Qiao Zhengli.

Isn’t it? Unlike auntie, even if the foundation is as white as the wall, the folds on your face can’t be hidden. “Qiao Xi’s tone is relaxed, and his expression is even more naive.

Which woman can bear to say that she is old, especially her face is full of folds.

While Qiao Zhengli was busy making tea in the kitchen, Jiang Xinnan immediately showed a fierce gaze. She reached out and was about to pinch Qiao Xi’s neck. She reacted quickly and dexterously turned towards the door and shouted: Dad…”

Jiang Xinnan immediately retracted his hand, changed his expression immediately, reached out and touched Qiao Xi’s head, with a soft tone: Xixi, your hair is a bit messy. “

Mom, Dad didn’t come out! “Qiao Lu’er glared at Qiao Xi, his eyes almost tearing her to pieces.

I was fooled by Qiao Xi again!

Jiang Xinnan was even more angry this time, and Qiao Lu’er and the two pounced on to grab her in the face. Qiao Xi was evasive…

Just then, there was a sound of footsteps at the door.

The three of them were still twisted into a ball, each with a grim expression, messy hair, and no appearance of an elegant lady at all.

Lu Liyang led Lu’s housekeeper with gifts and stood at the gate when he saw this picture.

He wears a straight black suit, and his temperament is completely different from the casual style last night.

At this time, his face was calm, his facial features were firm and deep, his immersed face exuded a wise charm, and the whole person exuded a cold aura.

Qiao Xi was stunned, why is it the third uncle of the Lu family?

She felt a shock, thinking of her recklessness in his room last night, and her cheeks were burning.

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