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Chapter 5 Qiao Luer’s Scheming

The shyness who forced him down, didn’t dare to see him, but didn’t know what medicine he sold in the gourd.

Proposal? If she heard it right, that’s what Qiao Zhengli meant.

Who is he here to propose marriage for? It is absolutely impossible for him.

With his superior appearance, how could he look at them like laymen.

Questions arose in Qiao Xi’s heart, thinking that she must take the opportunity to act next.

Lu Liyang’s expression was normal. He didn’t look at any of them again. He walked into the hall very familiarly, and his tall body stopped in the living room. The spacious living room seemed cramped and small for an instant.

It’s over…

Qiao Luer took the lead to let go, hurriedly tucked his hair, squeezed out an artificial smile, and hurried to Lu Li Yang’s direction with a sweet smile.

It was all a bitch like Qiao Xi who almost made her make a fool of herself in front of the super handsome man of the Lu family.

Jiang Xinnan, who was still holding Qiao Xi’s hair in one hand, also changed his face immediately, and hurriedly walked to Lu Liyang in front of Lu Liyang and greeted warmly.

Mr. Lu, please sit down, please sit down! “

Lu Liyang had always been polite and estranged in front of outsiders, maintaining a polite indifferent face, and sat down following Jiang Xinnan’s gestures.

Hearing a sound outside, Qiao Zhengli threw the tea brewed in his hand to the hourly worker and asked her to wait for it to come out.

He quickly walked out of the kitchen, looking very excited.

I thought it was the Lu family who sent anyone here, but Lu Liyang was the one who came.

Everyone in City G knew the Lu family, and God of Wealth, Lu Liyang, was a legend passed down in every population.

Even if I haven’t seen the deity, his photos have been seen in financial magazines.

Qiao Zhengli was so excited that he almost couldn’t say anything completely. He kept asking Lu Liyang to drink tea or coffee, and he almost knocked his head in front of Lu Liyang.

Lu Liyang just waved his hand, and the butler said that he didn’t need to be so polite.

Each of the three of them was playing extraordinary acting skills, surrounding Lu Liyang like sweet pastry, only Qiao Xi looked like a wooden stake on one side.

Knowing what virtue she is in Lu Liyang’s eyes, she didn’t ask herself to be boring, and walked to sit on the sofa furthest away from him.

Qiao Lu’er glanced at her sideways, a bit of resentment flashed across his eyes, but the bitch did not dare to sit over.

She took the initiative to sit directly on the other side of Lu Liyang, pinching her throat, her voice charming, Mr. Lu, I will give you a cup of tea. “

Qiao Xi looked sideways and saw that Qiao Lu’er was wearing a thin, almost transparent silk shirt today. The black underwear was looming, and the neckline was deliberately untied, revealing some amorous temptations in his bones.

At this moment, she deliberately bowed slightly, and she was very well developed, and she pretended to inadvertently licked her lips at Lu Liyang.

Lu Liyang didn’t speak, but moved his body slightly, keeping himself at a distance from Qiao Lu’er.

Disgust was already written between his eyebrows, only Qiao Lu’er didn’t know it, and was still bending his body frequently, showing his proud double peaks.

Qiao Xi almost couldn’t hold back his laugh.

Qiao Lu’er was a little too stupid. In this open gesture, did Lu Liyang be a pervert who had never seen a woman?

She glanced at Qiao Zhengli and her stepmother on the opposite side, trying to remind them to hang to Lu Liyang successfully and not to overdo it, but Jiang Xinnan stared back proudly.

OK, it seems that the strategy of the mother and daughter is this kind of vulgar route.

Qiao Xi didn’t want to appreciate this farce here. She tried to sneak back into the room as an invisible person, but when she got up, she was named by Lu Liyang.

Is that lady also the daughter of your Qiao family? “

He has been sitting on the sofa in Qiao’s living room for more than ten minutes. This is the first word he actively said.

Qiao Xi had to turn around slowly and sat down again.

A pair of jet-black eyes rolled around, and met his smiley expression, and there was a flash of joke between his cold eyes.

He did it on purpose. What is his intention for coming today?

Qiao Xi’s teeth clenched.

Mr. Lu, this is my little daughter, Qiao Xi. “Qiao Zhengli rushed to introduce.

Quite interesting! “Lu Liyang’s mouth twitched a faint smile, his eyes locked on her.

As soon as these words were said, Jiang Xinnan and Qiao Luer’s vicious eyes almost swallowed her.

Qiao Xi’s heart sank. She knew very well that he must be deliberate.

Lu Liyang wanted to draw their anger on him, making her a thorn in the eye of her stepmother and Qiao Lu’er.

What did Miss Qiao sit so far away? Come over and chat! “He smiled at Qiao Xi, three-pointers mocking four-pointers.

Xixi, sit next to Mr. Lu. “The stepmother hurriedly agreed, gave her a vicious look, her eyes were poisonous.

Qiao Xi obviously felt his father’s eager gaze hovering over her head. If she dared to say nothing, she might be able to slap herself to death after Lu Liyang left.

She got up and moved to sit down on the sofa opposite Lu Liyang, glanced at him, keeping a false smile.

Before Lu Liyang had any more conversations with her, Jiang Xinnan had already asked Lu Liyang about the topic. Although they were all mentally handicapped, Lu Liyang returned a few words to her face.

Qiao Lu’er looked directly at Qiao Xi with a vicious eye on one side. She wore such an irritating red today, which was conspicuous.

Just want to attract people’s attention, right?

Want to seduce Lu Liyang away from under her nose, don’t think about it!

Qiao Zhengli hit a swollen face to fill the fat man, and hired a part-time worker to act as a servant. At this time, he was worried, and was busy going to the kitchen to see if the part-time worker had cut the fruit.

Taking advantage of Qiao Zhengli’s absence at this moment, Qiao Luer quickly poured a cup of tea, smiled and handed it to Qiao Xi, and said with a smile: Come, sister, have a cup of tea! “

Before Qiao Xi reached out to pick it up, the cup in Qiao Lu’er’s hand had fallen on her, and the hot tea rolled from Qiao Xi’s white chest, immediately burning a crimson mark.

The teacup rolled directly to the side of the sofa without making any sound. Everything seemed to happen accidentally, and it wouldn’t let him leave a rash impression in front of Lu Liyang.

Qiao Lu’er did a good job of calculating, and he could give Qiao Xi a little bit of pain without acting up.

Hiss…” Qiao Xi grinned in pain.

This Qiao Luer is really cruel!

Qiao Xi did have the thought of making her burn her, so she didn’t avoid it because she could find a reason not to stay here, but she didn’t expect that this woman was really vicious in her mind and splashed directly on her chest.

It’s okay, why is my sister so careless! “Qiao Lu’er pretended to be wrong, and hurriedly took a tissue to wipe Qiao Xi.

Without waiting for Qiao Xi to dodge, Qiao Lu’er’s hand holding the tissue wiped her chest viciously, and a venomous smile rose from the corner of her mouth.

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