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Chapter 1 Fake Marriage

Las Vegas Nevada, XS Night Club, the best club in town where everything is happening. Located Inside the famous Mega Intl. Hotel and Casino which belong to Mega Intl. Group of Company.

The time is young, but the place is full to the max. People wanted to enter lined up all the way to the entrance of the Casino. If a person doesn’t have a connection, background or tons of money to bribe the bouncer, forget about entering. Unless, you’re young, beautiful and sexy like the two girls who’s just arrived. ‘Ann Wen and Lea Kuan.’

Ann Wen, 18 years of age, recently graduated from High School. Orphan and destitute. Brown reddish long hair, 5’11” slim like a model, with a smooth, silky white skin. Round face, a bright green eye that shines when she smiles which shows straight white teeth.

She needed money and a fake husband to complete a job.

In a corner, of the bar. There sat the CEO of Mega Intl. Group of Company. Jeff Go, 24 years old, Cold hearted and aloof, 6′ 2″, Brown-black hair with deep blue eyes, straight pointy nose, kissable lips, handsome and an eligible bachelor. Never had a serious relationship with a woman.

Jeff is in town for a business deal and needed a translator.

Accidentally, the two met in the club and made a deal.


Before they met and made the deal:

Ann grandmother passed away just as she was turning adult, leaving her all alone in this world an orphan. She doesn’t know who’s her biological father and her Mother doesn’t acknowledge her at all. Her mother abandoned her at birth. Growing up parentless, she was raised by her grandmother alone in America.

In all of her 18 years of life, not once did her mother visited her, not even when her grandmother passed away. Probably afraid people will recognize her and put two and two together which it can affect her career in the process.

Ann knows she has talent, many people that had heard her sing said so, she was born with the gift just like her Mother who’s a very famous personality in the entertainment industry in Asia.

Ann dream was to become a famous singer like her idols ‘ Celine and Whitney’. She started singing at a very young age. She was hoping that someday she can become famous like the Mother who abandoned her at birth.

Ann never realized how bad her situation was, until bills from the Hospital and Funeral Parlor start coming in the mail. The rent that had been passed due for the last couple of months is now needed.

The girl that once have a bright future ahead of her is now destitute and penniless.

A break had finally come. A singing competition was auditioning in another city. An opportunity to showcase her talent. She is confident to pass the preliminary and make it to the next round. One problem is how is she going to get there? She’s flat broke, and she still owes the Funeral Parlor and Hospital. Pretty soon she could become homeless too; She already received a notice from her landlord; Should she be unable to pay by the end of the week, Ann needed to vacant the place.

She’s so depressed, trying to figure out where is she going to get the money? There is her best friend, Lea. However, she owed her a lot already.

She thought about her lousy Mother;

[Sophia Wen, A famous entertainer in Asia who recently got married to one of the wealthiest men in the country. Never once thought about the child she had left, now destitute and penniless with no one to run too.]

With no other option, against her better judgment, she decided to take a chance asking her friend Lea for another loan. ‘A thought came to mind a part-time job! However, she’s not skilled and with only High School Diploma on hand what kind of job is available out there?’

Ann arrived at Lea’s place. She found her arguing with her boyfriend over something.

” I don’t know anyone all right! no matter how much your friend’s boss is willing to pay!” Lea told the man screaming from the top of her lung.

“How about you? I know you can speak at least four or five languages.” Lea’s boyfriend answered angrily.

“So, what if a can it doesn’t mean I’m willing to do it! Lea retorted back.

“How about your friend the one that’s always hanging around you? Always borrowing money, I know she could use some cash right now why don’t you ask her?” Trying to coax Lea now.

“You’re unbelievable! That’s my friend, not yours. What she owes me is our business, has nothing to do with you at all. I can’t believe you even mentioned that. ” Lea now in tears.

“Between you and Ann, y-your nothing; You know what! I don’t need a boyfriend like you, let’s break up!”

“N-no! Please don’t say that” I didn’t mean anything about what I said, I’m in a bind right now, and this is an excellent opportunity, big commission plus bonus.

Ann heard what Lea’s boyfriend just said and out of curiosity, she asked: ” What about me?”

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