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Chapter 2 Graduation Day

Ann overheard Lea and her boyfriend discussing a job opportunity as she was walking in. ” What about me?” She asked.

” What do you mean what about you? Here I am about ready to split with him, to protect you, and now your asking how about you? Are you going nuts too! Along with this asshole.” Lea retorted.

Lea’s boyfriend saw Ann. He decided to approach her instead of arguing with her girlfriend. ‘ This girl can also do a translation; I know that for a fact. Probably even better than Lea, for sure the CEO will be satisfied with her if she accepts the job.’ The boyfriend thought to himself happily.

He made his way to Ann: ” Good, you came at the right time, I have a Job for you! It will pay a hefty chunk of change, interested?”

He explained to Ann the requirement for the job, and how much money they are willing to pay and if she does a good job, there’s an additional bonus added.

However, there’s one catch, Ann must be married, or over forty years of age; She’s neither one.

A dilemma, she cannot change her appearance to look like an older lady. The only option is to find a potential husband very quick and get married.

[ Fake marriage, of course, the one that accessible to annulled ]

Ann calculated in her mind. ‘The amount of money offered. After deducting the fee for this asshole, she will still have enough to pay some bills and enough money to attend the audition.’ She was happy with the thought.

‘ Wait! Where am I going to find a fake husband? How about him? No! I can’t he’s too greedy he would want more than his fair share that will not work. However, this is such a good opportunity to let go.’ After contemplating for a minute; “All right! Deal when do I need to report?”

Ann asked with enthusiasm.

“You have a day to find a husband or aged thirty more years if you don’t-both you and your friend will be in trouble you hear!”

“Don’t worry since I can’t turn into an old lady; I will make sure to find a husband. Mark my word!”


Present time: 2018

A private plane is heading its way to America. Sitting inside is Ceo Jeff Go on the way to attend his wife’s graduation. His face is showing concern; it was exactly four years ago when they met and made a deal.

Have a fake marriage, annulled it asap when the time is right.

After consummating the fake marriage; Jeff had left without saying goodbye. Left only a sticky note in her bathroom mirror.

Four years later, they are still husband and wife. It is now time to bring her home where she belongs.


Meanwhile, in Cambridge Massachusetts Ann is preparing for her graduation speech. She graduated with honors, a valedictorian and must give an address of encouragement to the new batch of students.

While she’s doing her final check on her notes, she can’t help but feel sad. She’s the valedictorian, but she has no one to share her achievement.

Her best friend and manager Lea is out of the country doing business on her behalf, and she has no other friends or relative.

She has a mother somewhere in Asia and a biological father that she never knew who? Her goal and dreams are being achieved little by little, but why is she not happy at all. ‘Only if her Mother can see her now, would she regret not acknowledging her?’ ‘How about the unknown biological father… Would he be proud?… He doesn’t even know I exist in this world.’ She thought while looking downcast.

While Ann was deep in her thought, She did not realize a man had been watching from the side, thinking and debating he should announce his presence or wait after the ceremony. That man is no other than CEO Jeff Go, the man she had a fake marriage four years ago.

Jeff decided to observe for a little more. Went to find his assigned seat and watch. ‘How this beautiful woman his wife give a speech. He’s so proud of her accomplishment, even though he cannot share her happiness at the moment. However, that would change soon enough.’ He had watched her grow from a cocoon into this beautiful butterfly. He cannot let her fly away.

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