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Chapter 3 Am I feminine?

There was a thin sweat on her forehead, and her body still shrank.

“It’s just passing by, how can there be so many reasons.” Jing Beichen chuckled lightly, his low voice especially attractive in the night.

An Rou’s heart sighed. The wedding was held on the ship, which belonged exclusively to Ouyang’s family.

He told her passing by?

Unless you are floating at sea, you will pass by!

What’s more, the Jing family is the rich and powerful, and all the upper-class families must look up to the existence.

“If you have to say a reason, it is to appreciate your miserable situation.”

Even if she could not see his face, she knew that the corners of his mouth must be raised high!

Both people have always been such hostile existences.

“Shut up to me, I’m not in the mood to listen to you pouring cold water.” An Rou kicked him with high heels after speaking.

Hearing a muffled hum from the man, he was relieved.

But in the next second, a rush of heat rose from her abdomen. The whole body couldn’t help trembling.

Jing Beichen had already carried her out of the meeting place and came to the deck. The bright moonlight shone on her red face, there was an indescribable beauty.

He has never seen her as such a little birdie till now.

“Jing Beichen, I…I’m so hot.” An Rou changed her former expression, tightly enclosing his neck with her hands, and the whole body was inseparable from him.

When she spoke, her red lips puffed slightly, arousing affection.

Jing Beichen touched the temperature on her forehead, narrowed his eyes, and a dangerous light appeared.

Someone has drugged her, it’s really desperate!

“It’s hot and uncomfortable.” An Rou hummed her face against his neck, rubbing her right hand on his skin constantly.

Jing Beichen turned around and walked to the other end of the boat. A luxurious private yacht was right next to the big boat.

“I can’t stand it…” An Rou grabbed him with her right hand, rubbing her left hand continuously, and leaning towards him.

The coquettish moan became more provocative.

“An Rou, I will bring a basin of cold water.” Jing Beichen lowered his face, trying to break free.

I don’t know how she pouted her mouth and hum coquettishly, “Kiss me.”

Jing Beichen looked down at her, stretched out his hand to pinch her chin, and said in a low voice, “Do you know who I am?”

When the voice fell, she caused her to laugh.

“Jing Beichen, I am not stupid. At this time, would I still think it was Ouyang Li?” An Rou closed her eyes fiercely. Today is his wedding day, and he married someone else.

After ten years of childhood, his bride is not her.

Seeing the misery in her eyes clearly, Jing Beichen’s eyes flashed with a dangerous light, and then he repeatedly threw down her arm, “If you cause trouble, solve it yourself.”

After speaking, he got up and left.

Before he reached the door, he heard a bang and turned around to take a look.

Seeing An Rou fell off the bed with an unstable center of gravity, her forehead was red and swollen.

The pain pulled her sanity back a bit, lying on the bed again, she grabbed the man’s hand, “You honestly, am I feminine?”

When she was speaking, her skirt was already messy, showing bright and fair skin. The flushed face, the long hair scattered around his waist, and the looming spring light.

Like this… She asked him, is there any femininity?

Jing Beichen only felt his lower abdomen tight, his eyes filled with desire, if he didn’t leave, he promised to eat her.

When she wakes up, she will cry.

Chapter 4 is your initiative
“Jing Beichen…” An Rou’s eyes became blurred for an instant, and the effect of the medicine surged upwards. She was tortured by the dry fire, her body arched unconsciously, and her hands clung to his clothes. The deputy was about to tear his clothes apart.

“An Rou, remember that you took the initiative.” Jing Beichen yelled in her ear.

After speaking, he couldn’t help it anymore, turning over to suppress her, turning passive to active.

He leaned down and pressed the red lips accurately, while her little hand was scratching around his back, all lit up.

He knew that she was the first time, so the action was very gentle.

Inside the room, there was a sound of male and female voices, and the voices became more and more exciting.

I don’t know how long it took to quiet down slowly.

The yacht docked silently, and a row of tall men stood on the shore. The top giants were guarded by countless bodyguards. All these tall men were used by the Jing family.

Everyone stood quietly, with serious expressions, no one was talking, and there was no whispered conversation. They didn’t know what Jing Shao was doing, and they didn’t dare to disturb Jing Shao.

Just stand there, listening to the sound of the waves hitting the shore.

They didn’t see a door of the yacht opened and a beautiful woman walked out of it until the sky turned white.

She was only wearing Jing Shao’s white shirt, reaching up to her thighs, and her long curly chestnut hair dangled casually, which looked more charming and lazy.

Unbelievably beautiful.

They just watched the woman walk ashore and watched her get closer to them.

I can’t help but stop…

“Tell your young master, I’m leaving. Before leaving, I gave him a small gift to keep him from being too happy.”

The man on the bed remained motionless until he was awakened by a cell phone alarm.

He opened his eyes, a pair of black pupils showed infinite darkness, he casually wrapped the bath towel around his waist and pushed the door directly into the bathroom.

After entering, she didn’t see An Rou, but she saw her face through the mirror.

On his face, she painted a big bastard.

Damn it, last night, she obviously took the initiative.

Very well, in this case, he doesn’t mind catching her back and settle the account with her.

Jing Beichen’s eyes were full of gloom, he quickly washed his face, then put on his clothes, after finishing, walked out of the room.

“Shao Jing, good morning.” A row of tall men bowed their heads in salute.

“What about the woman?” The voice was low, but the tone was flat, so that a group of men could not grasp what he meant.

The woman is gone, is Jing Shao happy or angry?

“Shao Jing, she left at half past five in the morning. Before leaving, she left a word…”

Jing Beichen’s eyes lit up, and immediately returned to normal, “What did you say?”

“She said that she left you a little gift to tell you not to be too happy.”

One sentence made Jing Beichen’s face sinking, and cold sweat was already in the palms of the responders.

Obviously, Jing Shao is angry!

“Very good!” Jing Beichen’s voice was cold.


Five years later, the airport.

Two very eye-catching little babes stood in the exit hall of the airport, motivating everyone’s hearts.

The little boy is dressed in blue denim, with a cool cowboy hat on his head, and a pair of small black sunglasses on the bridge of his nose, which looks like a handsome oriental guy.

Standing next to the little boy was a little girl with a ruddy face. The little girl wore a rippling princess dress and a small flower hat. Her big blue eyes kept flashing, and her golden straight hair was scattered on her shoulders.

If anyone familiar with Jing Beichen is there, he will be shocked.

This little boy looked exactly like Young Master Jing!

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