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Chapter 3 Are you available?

While Jeff was watching his beautiful wife giving a speech to her fellow student, he couldn’t help reminisce how they met and became husband and wife.

Flashback: 2014 Las Vegas Nevada USA.

The long flight home from Asia Exhausted Jeff. His contract signing was the next day with a client that preferred doing everything in his native language.

Everything was set for the meeting until the translator canceled last minute. They now have less than 24 hours to find a substitute. The Agency promised that they would see one before 11: 00 p.m. still no news from his assistant.

Jeff would typically stay home to unwind, but today he decided to go down to the nightclub below to listen to some music, and see how crazy Las Vegas during the night. He called his assistant to inform him of his plan, then changed into a simple dress shirt and pants.

Jeff eased his way from the private entrance to the corner of the bar. He hoped to enjoy his people watching in peace.

He signaled the bartender to bring him Long Island Ice Tea and B-52 shot. He drank the B-52 in one gulp, then chased it with the Long Island Ice Tea. Already feeling tipsy he started to relax and enjoy the nightclub scene.

Ann and Lea were making a plan on how they can snug a ” Fake Husband.” It should be easy enough. Both of them are beautiful and sexy, one look and a man is salivating.

Lea is petite 5’2″, blond hair blue Eyes with a measurement of 35-24-35 which make men’s drool when she wears the skin-tight dress, it highlights all her asset.

Ann in the other hand is 5’11”, slim and tall like a model, with smooth and glossy red-brown hair, perfect light skin, beautiful straight white teeth, her smile alone can melt a frozen heart. She doesn’t wear much makeup, just lip gloss to highlights her kissable red lips.

For the plan to work, Ann let Lea do her makeup. To make her look older than her eighteen years of age. She needed heavy makeup; Wear very tight hugging jeans to highlights her long beautiful leg and a tank top to show a little cleavage.

Ann hardly wears tight clothes in her life, however, on this occasion she listened to Lea’s advice and wore it anyway. ‘If this will help me find a fake husband, why not!’ Ann told herself.

The two girls arrived at XS Night Club located inside the Mega International Hotel and Casino. The line was very long. It’s the only club in town that accepts 18 years old and up the only club they can go in.

The only problem is how are they going to get in the club with the long line ahead of them. The place is full to the capacity.

Luckily the place only had valet parking, as soon as they got out of the car, the doorman greeted them and ushered them through. The key to enter was their beautiful faces and hot body. They did not have to stand in the line, which made a lot of peoples who are waiting to get in very-very-upset.

As soon as they enter the club, a couple of young guys approached them right away. Politely, they declined and went toward the bar to sit, waiting for their prey.

After less than a minute, Ann realized that someone is seating next to her. A very handsome tired looking man. His looks about around mid-’20s, but due to his stern-looking face, it made him look much older.

Ann thought: ‘Should I approach him? If I don’t I might lose this only chance’ She’s still contemplating what to do next when suddenly she heard a voice, coming from the man next to her. “Excuse me! are you available?”

‘ Is he talking to me?” Ann looks around, to the left, to the right, but I don’t see anyone about, so he must be talking to me?’ Ann thought to herself with a blank look on her face.

Ann turned around and looked at him with the sweetest smile on her face and said ” What if I am? How about you are you available?”

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