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Bright Chapter 21

This night, stayed at the Wilderness Inn.

The cold wind roared outside the window and the night was deep.

I frowned and sat in front of the candlelight, stitch by stitch.

Xiaolan stroked his forehead: “No, you really want to tassel my uncle”

I nodded.

She said again: “But, you haven’t cleared the door yet, just listen to him like this. Wouldn’t it be him riding on your head in the future?”

I put down the things in my hand, thought for a while, and said, “Xiao Lan, I used to see my mother making clothes for Dad and I was very happy. I always found it very strange. There is nothing to be happy about. I only know today. I am really happy. .”

Xiao Lan was stunned and said, “You are so nauseous”

I looked at her contemptuously: “When you have a sweetheart, you will understand.”

The second and third days are still the same. We rushed to Jiangzhou non-stop, hurried daily.

I couldn’t say a few words with Zisu.

Only four or five days later, there was a piece of jade pendant on his waist that was exactly the same as mine. The fringe was sky blue, which also lined his black shirt.

Occasionally, he would look at me, his eyes burning with a slight smile.

Zisu, Zisu.

When discussing matters one day, a senior brother was suddenly surprised: “Hey, Zisu, why is Qinghong’s jade pendant on you?”

I pretended to look carefully at the information in my hand, and the jade pendant around my waist wanted to cover it up.

Wen Zisu glanced at everyone lightly, and continued to talk about intelligence.

Huo Yang glanced at me, and I knew it would look like this. Brat.

Press no table.

Another day, when the discussion was over, Xiaolan brought fruits to everyone.

When she arrived in front of Zisu, Xiaolan naturally forgot the occasion and said, “Uncle, eat fruit.”

The scene was silent.

Xiao Lan sticks out her tongue and escapes with her empty basin.

I bury my head and eat fruit.

Wen Zisu’s complexion was almost red, but still calm and expressionless, he picked up the fruit and ate it.

Lin Fang and Master looked at each other, smiling.

Several seniors walked over, patted Su on the shoulder, and looked at me with a smile.

Standing among them, Zisu looked over with open eyes.

I can’t wait to dig a hole and bury myself.

After another half month, we arrived in Yuzhang County, Jiangzhou.

Yuzhang Zhou’s family is the martial arts family second only to the Lin family in Sun Wushi.

This is also the object we want to subdue.

But this week’s family is even more troublesome than the two wicked schools in Guangzhou.

Because they are not villains, but loyal sects, admired by the people of Jiangzhou.

“Then why not cooperate with us” I asked Lin Fang, “Even our messengers were driven out”

Lin Fang smiled and said, “Because Zhou Bo’s loyalty is not me.”

Not Dajin, nor any enemy country. Not even the former Wei.

The Zhou family still lived a hundred years ago. Their loyalty is Sun Wu.

It is said that this martial arts Zhou family was also family kinsman with Sun Wu Dadu Zhou Yu. After the death of Sun Wu, the Zhou family was discouraged and did many things to rob the rich and help the poor; for many years of catastrophes, many people were also saved. Therefore, the people’s reputation was extremely rich. Family relationship is very good.

Therefore, it is said that although the Zhou family still worships Wu as a prince at home, they are not willing to give Jiangzhou local officials face. But the entire Jiangzhou martial arts is still only the head of the Zhou family.

That Zhou Bo was a single biography of the ninth generation of the Zhou family. I heard that this man has good martial arts and very talented. Zhoumen operates a number of escorts in Jiangzhou with strong strength.

It’s just that Zhou Bo, at a young age, is said to be very greedy for women. He married a 19-room concubine at home, which is a weird person.

“His is indeed a weird person.” Lin Fang said, “Lin always felt that he was not that simple, but he did not find any clues or information.”

That’s natural, his men are sitting on strong forces, but they don’t want to martial arts. So why on earth does he say that he is really pure-hearted, and why is he raising those darts?

On the fifth day of February, we are in Yuzhang County.

The green mountains and green waters, the ice and snow are beginning to melt, and the warm scenery of early spring.

Because of its proximity to the capital, Lin Fang had secretly opened restaurants and inns here earlier. So we moved in directly.

After tiring for a few days, everyone was a little tired. I dragged my leaded legs with Xiaolan and walked to the second floor room.

But seeing Wen You actually stand at the door of the next room and see us, his eyes lit up.

Mother, he actually lives next door.

“Would you like me to change the room with my uncle at night, you will be a good thing” Xiao Lan smirked.

I said: “Go ahead.”

Xiao Lan probably didn’t expect me to be flushed with Wen You a few days ago, but now I’m inaccessible and I’m quite discouraged.

The shop Xiaoer brought hot water, and Xiaolan and I finished our bath and put on clean clothes.

“Boom boom” someone.

I and Xiaolan looked at each other.

“Qinghong, it’s me.” Wen You said in a low voice.

Opening the door, Wen You had put on a green robe, standing in the doorway in a refreshing suit.

The two of them sat at the round table, and I wondered: “You have something”

He suffocated for a rare time, and said to Xiao Lan: “Little Lan girl, can you avoid it first.”

My eyes widened with Xiaolan. Xiaolan respectfully bowed: “Yes, uncle.” Shi Shiran left, not forgetting to bring the door.

“What do you do?”

“I have something to discuss with you.”

It turned out to be a business matter. I was relieved and said, “Okay.”

He coughed twice, took a big sip from the teacup on the table, and said, “When I return to Jiankang, I will ask my father to write a letter personally to propose marriage to your parents, how about?”

My heart jumped suddenly, and my brain started to noisy again.

He wants to propose

He said to himself: “If you don’t speak, you will assume that you have agreed. Then do it.”

He suddenly stretched out his hand and pulled my hot hand, and a cold touch came.

It is a jade bracelet.

He held my hand tightly and said, “I bought this in Guangzhou, and you are wearing it. When I return to Jiankang, I will buy it for you at the best store.”

“Okay” I touched the jade bracelet, an extremely cold and bright jasper bracelet.

The two were silent for a while.

I said: “Look, Zisu, it turns out that we are always noisy together, but now I don’t even know what to say.”

He glanced at me, his dark eyes were shining: “Nonsense. I have something to say.”


“It’s great to be able to hold your hand like this forever.

The next day before dawn, the master received a secret letter from the court and returned to Jiankang.

He took only four of the twenty-four guards.

We sat on the second floor and had breakfast.

Someone reported to Zhou’s family to see him.

I refreshed.

He is a family member, unlike martial arts. The big thorn stab stood in front of us and said proudly: “My master said, thank you Lin for your kindness. It’s just that the Zhou family concentrates on running the escort, regardless of Jiangdong Wulin for many years, and will not interfere with Jiangdong Wulin. Lin can rest assured, There is no need to win over. The Zhou family has no intention of arguing.”

Lin didn’t feel annoyed when he fell, and said calmly: “Where is your master now?

“Going back to the leader of Lin, I don’t know which girl’s master is on the boat. My master doesn’t allow men to go on the boat. You guys don’t want to look for it.” The master said proudly.

When Jia Ding left, Lin Fang and Wen You both looked towards me. I couldn’t help but speak: “I’m not going.”

Lin Fang raised his eyebrows.

“Rather than let me approach him pretending to be a painting boat, let me kill him directly.”

They all laughed. Even Huo Yang and Xiaolan who stood behind me laughed out loud.

I glared at Wen You: the guy who eats inside and out

Lin Fang said again: “This time, I really don’t plan to let you go. You are so murderous that anyone with a discerning eye can see it.” He looked behind me: “Little Blue Girl.”

Although the scenery on both sides of the Ganshui River is not as beautiful as the Qinhuai River or the majestic Yangtze River, it is also uniquely beautiful.

On the huge painting boat, a dozen or so gorgeously-dressed singers lean on the railing and look out.

They all have slender waists and beautiful looks, standing on the bow of the ship, attracting countless people from the boat.

Even Young Master Meng Lang made an invitation, but was scorned by them.

They all looked in the same direction, waiting for their sweetheart.

On this ship, there is only a pair of masters and servants, who are particularly different, sitting firmly on the deck.

Because of the encouragement of Lin Fang and others, Xiaolan cherished this opportunity to make merit, sitting on the chair like a mountain, frowning slightly with a serious face.


I couldn’t help but touch my forehead: “Xiao Lan, can you relax a little, you are not like a singer at all. You won’t be surprised if Zhou Bo comes later, if you don’t notice something wrong.”

Xiaolan said pitifully, “But girl Qinghong, Ben is really nervous.”

“Forget it, you can do it yourself” I hate that iron is not steel. “Look at these beauties in front, I guess you don’t have a chance to get close to Zhou Bo today.”

Xiaolan lowered his head in frustration.

I am also very frustrated. To hide my face, I applied a thick powder on my face, which made it a little itchy.

A small boat came from the green water. A young boy dressed in white slightly bowed his hand to the boat: “Zhou has kept the girls waiting for a long time.”

The women on the “Zhou Lang” and “Zhou Lang” boats boiled.

Xiao Lan glanced at me, and under my encouraging eyes, she threw herself into the crowd, shouting Zhou Lang loudly.

I couldn’t help feeling a little ashamed when I watched her petite and lacking line figure so abrupt among a group of curvy women.

Xiaolan, if this mission is successfully completed, I will definitely ask Lin Fang to pay you more.

To find Zhou Bo’s whereabouts, it is necessary to express our sincerity to him face to face and to find out his details, but not to be too alarmed to arouse his defense.

Sending a woman to talk to him is the best way. Not only does he arouse his lustful disgust, but he can also talk directly.

This is Lin Fang’s first plan: Xiaolan is a smart plan, I am a secret plan.

I understand it this way.

But I didn’t expect that we got on the ship and approached Zhou Bo but it would be so difficult.

Outside the window is a bright sunny day, with sunlight coming in obliquely from the carved wooden window.

Looking out through the painted boat door, the water is sparkling, and there are mountains and mountains on both sides of the bank.

It’s really beautiful.

As a maid, I stood at the door bursting and looked back at the situation in the cabin

That week, Bo Yuemo was twenty-five and sixteen years old, born tall and handsome, especially with beautiful eyes.

I remember my mother said that this is peach blossom eyes, if a woman is born, she will be most attractive. But my mother didn’t say what would happen to a man with this peachy

After a closer look, he found that the corners of Peach Blossom Tail’s eyes had some loose wrinkles, which did not match his age.

Lin Fang said that this person indulges.

He leaned languidly on the thick woolen blanket on the ground, the crown of his hair was taken off, his black hair was like a waterfall and his shoulders were scattered, the silk scarf on his waist was also taken off by the woman long ago, and the loose robes were mostly opened. , Showing a strong chest and most of his shoulders.

A dozen women lay on his body, some leaned on his chest, some beat him back, some fed him pastries and fruits, some leaned on his lap, some grabbed his foot

Most of the women’s clothes were half-washed, revealing white shoulders, chests, and even

I could see a sudden heartbeat.

Of course, there is such a large area around him, there are a total of ten women, there will always be people who can’t get through.

I saw Xiaolan lying on the ground strenuously, trying to climb in the direction of Zhou Bo, just reaching his feet, a beautiful woman slipped under the feet and fell into Zhou Bo’s arms, Zhou Bo hugged him.

Xiaolan’s face is the cause of the slip of the woman’s feet.

I opened my mouth and watched Xiao Lan resolutely lifted his face and continued to climb forward

A woman stretched out her hand and squeezed her waist severely. She was in pain and her figure was eaten. Another woman kicked her away.

Little blue

In fact, not only Xiaolan, but also a few weaker women around, were secretly kicked and trampled by the women close to Zhou Bo.

Zhou Bo didn’t seem to notice the fighting among the women in front of him, or maybe he took it for fun. I watched him take a bite of the finger of the woman who just kicked Xiaolan.

The Zhan family’s strong heart for short-term protection finally broke out strongly

Although today Lin Fang sent us for peace talks.

But he also said, let me do things cheaply.

Act cheaply, act cheaply.

I looked up at the various decorations in the house, and finally focused on the three-inch thick nanmu table.

Suddenly I felt a sharp look at me. I regained my consciousness and saw that Zhou Bo didn’t know when to look at me.

His gaze caused everyone to turn their heads to look at me.

I grinned and walked to the round table.

A palm slashed.

There was a loud noise, the wooden table was cracked and sawdust splashed. All the beauties looked at me blankly.

Uh, my palm is not strong, it hurts a bit. But nothing is revealed on the face.

“Get all of them to the rear compartment.” I smiled, “You, you, stay.”

I pointed to Zhou Bo and Xiaolan.

The women bowed their heads and scattered.

Zhou Bo smiled and hugged his hands in his head for free, leaning on the soft couch.

Xiaolan stood up “greatly”: “Great, you are finally showing off”

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