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Bright Chapter 22

Xiaolan ran behind me.

There are no chairs in the house, except for the soft blanket, which is a large bed. I had to walk over and sit down on the blanket opposite Zhou Bo.

He was about to open his mouth to identify himself, but he listened to him lazily: “Wipe your face clean and speak.”

I stayed for a while, looked down, and realized that the powder on my face was puffing onto the blanket.


A jade-like hand stretched out, a wet towel: “Wipe it.”

I took it and wiped my face well.

He looked up and returned it to him, he was stunned.

He hadn’t reacted yet, only felt a tremendous force, he stretched out his long arms, and he has actually embraced me in his arms.

Xiao Lan screamed. I trembled all over.

But he heard his lazy voice sound above his head: “It really is stunning. Don’t move, just talk like that.”

“You let me go!” I struggled, but didn’t dare to use my full strength for fear of hurting him.

He didn’t move at all, his hands hugged me tightly: “If you don’t move, I’ll talk to you about Lin Fang. Otherwise, just go away.”

I won’t move.

Xiaolan sighed: “Uncle, Zhanjia is sorry for you.”

I said, “You are not afraid that I will kill you?”

He lowered his head, his peachy eyes flashed with a smile: “Beauty, no one who came to me was willing to kill me.”

I am silent.

“Let her go out.” He suddenly leaned into my ear and said, itchy, “My secret, I can’t let people know it casually.”

I nodded, because Xiaolan couldn’t help much anyway: “Little Lan, you go to the door and guard.”

“His name is Xiaolan? What about you? Where did Lin Fang find such a beauty to help him?” He smiled.

I gritted my teeth and said: “Zhou Bo, even if you want to hold me to speak, can you let me adjust my posture, it will be very laborious to speak!”

I straightened up my upper body in his arms and was hugged by him, while my lower body was still on the ground. I just looked at these women’s postures and thought it was very comfortable.

He was stunned and laughed.

“Okay!” He suddenly stretched out his hand, lifted me up, and let me sit in front of him. He was very tall and slender, even though I was sitting in front of him and he stretched out one arm, I was still in his arms.

It’s… very close. I looked at his handsome face with peach-like eyes and long eyebrows into the temple. Although not as handsome as Lin Fang and Wen You, they are more… romantic?

“I’m Zhan Qinghong.” I said, “Lin Fang asked me to come. I hope you can talk to us. We are not malicious, we just hope to cooperate with you.”

He sneered and said, “I said earlier, I didn’t intend to martial arts, why do you want to force it?”

This Xiongtai, you have thousands of people in the 35 escorts. How can people be assured that you have no plans? Moreover, Lin Fang would never rest assured that such a powerful force would survive in Jiangzhou, which is only a hundred miles away from Jiankang!

I said with great sincerity on my face: “Why do you refuse, we are extremely sincere. If you talk to Lin Fang, maybe you will change your mind. Lin Fang is really a good leader. Cooperating with him will help you in your future business. , Status, there are all harms but no benefit.”

“Sincere?” He chuckled, and slammed me down on the soft blanket.

His slender body pressed me down, and the smiley face was just above my face, less than a few inches apart.

“Zhan Qinghong, they know that Zhou likes beauties. Is it to show sincerity to send you here?” His face suddenly approached, and the hot breath sprayed on my face, “If so, Zhou Mouxing may consider it. Now, see Lin Fang.”

“No, you are wrong.” I calmly looked back at him, “Lin Fang will never take the life of any of his subordinates in exchange for profit. Send me here just to show that we are not malicious. And, your boat. Don’t let men come up.”

He was startled, and suddenly burst into laughter.

“Really? Zhan Qinghong, this is the best joke I have ever heard.” He slowly leaned over to me.

He was so heavy and so powerful that I couldn’t break free for a while.

Watching his dark eyes approach.

What kind of black eyes are that! Full of sarcasm, but it seems to have a hint of interest.

I choked my breath.

His lips touched my face lightly and opened at the touch of a touch.

Cold and soft, it seems to leave his mark.

“Go, tell Lin Fang, since he is going to force it, I agree with him.” He let go of me and straightened up, “But if you want to cooperate with me, unless he agrees, you will be given to me first.”


In the lobby, a few people were sitting, silent.

Lin Fang glanced over, “He really said that?”

Me and Xiaolan nodded.

Wen You sat with his hands, his expression ugly and terrible.

Behind him, Huo Yang suddenly said: “I can kill him.”

Seeing Lin Fang hesitated, he seemed to be thinking about countermeasures.

Xiao Lan couldn’t help but feel angry: “Leader, you won’t really give my lady to Zhou Bo, will you?”

Everyone looked at Xiaolan with idiot eyes, and she lowered her head in shame.

“What do you think?” Lin Fang smiled, “I’ll have this week’s blog.” Fu looked at Wen You again: “You can rest assured Zisu, I will never take Qinghong’s risk.”

Wen You smiled, smiling naturally.

The crowd laughed.

I was too ashamed to stare at my toes.

Lin Fang made many arrangements again, so and so and so, to ensure that there is nothing wrong.

They sent a post to Zhou Bo.

I go back to the room and take a shower immediately.

There is still the fragrance of the painted boat on the body, which is pungent.

Xiaolan didn’t know where he went.

Comfortably took a shower, put on a clean coat and just put on a robe.

“Boom boom——” someone knocked on the door, “Qinghong, it’s me.”

I casually tied my robe: “Come in.”

There is still water vapor in the house. Wen You walked slowly from behind the layers of water vapor.

He has a calm face and frowns, as if I owe him ten thousand dollars.

But even with this look, he is still so pretty.

Seeing me, he was stunned.

I’m a little embarrassed. My hair is still wet, and my shoulders are shaved off. The collar of this robe is also a bit big and the neck is cold.

“Zisu, what’s the matter?”

His face instantly sank again: “Zhou Bo kissed your face?”

I stayed, little blue with a big mouth…

Seeing my expression, his face suddenly became murderous: “Damn it!”

“Why scold me? I was also forced!” I sulked, “and he just rubbed his face lightly and left.”

“Stupid girl, I didn’t mean you!” He sat down on the bed next to me, “You stupid girl.”

He put his hands on my shoulders: “Where did he kiss?”

With a sudden heartbeat, I pointed to the left cheek.

His handsome face leaned over, and I looked at his long eyelashes, shaking slightly.

Gently, his lips slowly pressed to the place where Zhou Bo kissed yesterday. Unlike Zhou Bo’s coldness, his lips are a little warm, and his movements are extremely gentle.

His face lightly touched mine.

I was shaking a little uncontrollably, and my heart almost jumped out.

So happy…really so happy…

My hands are gently placed on his chest. He felt my movement, his hands tightened, and he hugged me in his arms.

I had to bow my head and buried my fiery face on his chest.

His arms are so solid, I can almost feel his trembling slightly.

And he, his heartbeat as fast as mine.

“Raise your face.” His voice was dumb.

I looked at him with deep eyes.

“Where else?” he asked suddenly.

“What?” I didn’t respond, asking where Zhou Bo had kissed yet?

“Nothing.” I said busy.

“Where else?” He still asked nonchalantly, what do you mean, don’t you believe me?

“No more!” I affirmed.

He glanced at me and bowed his head.

“And here.” He kissed me on the right cheek.

“Here.” He kissed my forehead.

“Here.” He kissed the tip of my nose.

Suddenly, his body pressed towards me. I was already soft, and he was pressed on the bed.

When I was suppressed by Zhou Bo yesterday, although I was nervous, my mind was calm and clear.

But today, why does my mind seem to be full of paste?

“Here…” I watched his blushing lips fall.

Cover my lips gently.

Gentle, with a trace of inquiry and curiosity, with a slight warmth.

I trembled all over, I only felt the tingling sensation from my lips to my chest, hands, and legs.

Unable to move.

He licked my lips lightly, and stopped suddenly.

Immediately afterwards, I only felt a hot and humid one slipped into my mouth.

Tossing and turning, with a little toughness.

After a long time, I was out of breath before he let go.

He raised his head, his murderous aura had been swept away, but his eyes were still deep.

I suddenly noticed that, at some point, there seemed to be something hard and hot between his legs, clinging to my thighs.

Although it’s the first time for me to travel the world, Xiaolan also donated me some erotic novels.

I immediately understood what it was.

I really want to dig a hole and bury myself.

But I heard the person above his head seriously say: “There is still here.”

His face fell again.

This time, it was the neck.

Itchy, breathing out the heat, sucking gently.

He sighed.

“Here.” He kissed my shoulder.

He kissed hard on his shoulder, a little painful.

I watched him raise his head in front of me, with a trace of domineering, a trace of pride and a trace of irrepressible joy: “You are mine.”

I have long forgotten what my last name is, and at this time I just subconsciously retorted: “You are mine too!”

The smile on his face gradually enlarged.

Looked deeply at my chest.

Only then did I realize that most of my robe was torn off, most of my shoulders were exposed, and the white cloth around my chest was exposed.

“Ah!” I exclaimed, but he stretched out his hand to cover his mouth.

Suddenly he bent his face, pressed close to my face, and whispered in my ear: “Meinu, Mainu…I really want to marry you soon.”

He called me “Meinu”.

“Yeah.” I murmured.

“Meinu…just marry you. Let’s be a pair of heroes, drink the best wine, see the most beautiful scenery, and travel the world.”

“Well, if you marry someone else, I will kill you.”

He smiled and took a deep breath.

Hold me and sit up.

Holding tightly again, my breathing stopped.

Slowly let go, stretched my robe, and fastened my belt.

He touched my head, “Meinu, I won’t lose to your father. From now on, I will let you live happier than your mother.”

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