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Bright Chapter 23

In the middle of the night, moonlight is like water sprinkling on the bluestone road.

And the dark house in front of him.

Two strong family members at the door met us and opened the door silently.

In Zhou’s house, there are a total of thirty guards, ten of whom are superior in martial arts.

Lin put more than 30 people in ambush near Zhou’s residence, only brought me, Wen You, Huo Yang and two martial arts guards, a group of six, Shi Shiran stepped into Zhou’s residence.

The dark door behind the door closed slowly.

Zhou’s house is very big, but there are black lights everywhere, and from a distance, behind the three or four doors, there are brilliant lights.

We followed the butler all the way through to the magnificent main hall.

Zhou Bo held two beauties and drank on the couch. The butler walked over, whispered to him, and stood behind him.

He looked up to see us and smiled slowly.

He still exchanged greetings with Lin Fang politely.

Immediately he looked at me: “Xiao Qinghong, you are here.”

As soon as this remark came out, everyone was silent.

He smiled again: “I heard that the jade face killer Wen You and Gongyun Fairy Zhan Qinghong are inseparable. They are both handsome men and beautiful women. It seems that they are true.” He walked over and said to Huo Yang beside me: “Wen Shaoxia , Long Yang.”

Huo Yang expressionless, everyone was silent.

Lin Fang smiled and said, “Zisu and Qinghong are my two most effective assistants.”

Zhou Bofu looked at Wen You again: “This is”

Wen You handed over: “In the next Jiang Ding.”

Jiang Ding is one of the twenty-four guards.

“Young Master Zhou, you must know Lin’s intentions this time. Young Master holds most of the martial arts forces in Jiangzhou. If you are willing to cooperate, it will only benefit your business in the future.”

“Oh” Zhou Bo glanced at him, returned to the main position, and hugged the two beauties again, “Leader Lin, please tell me, what’s the benefit?”

Cooperating with us will allow him to serve as the leader of the Jiangzhou branch and get the support of the court. With the support of the martial arts leader, his future business will also benefit a lot. All he has to do is to collect information for us, use force to support us when necessary, and at the same time support our local industry.

Killing two birds with one stone, Lin Fang was good at eloquence, and after a while, I saw that the face of the housekeeper behind him was suddenly moved.

Lin Fang took a sip of tea and everyone looked at Zhou Bo.

He let go of the woman in his arms, with one hand on his knee and one hand on his chin, Taohua’s eyes were affectionate: “Xiao Qinghong, didn’t you tell your leader?”

I looked at him bitterly.

He laughed loudly: “Leader Lin, if you give me Xiao Qinghong, I will consider whether to cooperate with you.”

Everyone was silent, Lin Fang and Wen You were expressionless.

I was furious

Not “If you give Xiao Qinghong to me, I will cooperate with you”, but “I will consider whether to cooperate with you.” I am so worthless. One Zhan Qinghong just asked him to agree to consider

Are we idiots?

But when Lin Fang laughed, he said word by word: “Young Master Zhou showed his love, and Lin was grateful for Qinghong. But Lin would never force his subordinates to do things that he didn’t want to do. If you like Qinghong, look at her. Do you agree?”

“I don’t agree.” I quickly answered.

Zhou Bo smiled, as if thinking.

The situation is deadlocked.

The butler behind him was a little anxious and coughed twice.

I immediately felt good about the housekeeper, and after all, there was a sensible person.

Lin Fang looked at Zhou Bo with a smile: “There is a beauty in this area. If the son of Zhou is willing, Lin will give you ten Jiankang beauties and ten Guangzhou beauties, how about?”

There was a moment of silence in the hall.

Zhou Bo’s smile resounded again. He laughed loudly and looked at us with slightly narrowed eyes.

He said: “Leader Lin, Zhou Mou is joking with you. How can Zhou Mou be forcing women. Just follow what you said, and try to cooperate.”

The tension in the hall disappeared.

“Those 20 beauties, Lin Lin must be sent to Zhou’s mansion earlier.” He hugged the beauties next to him again.

“That’s natural.” Lin Fang smiled and raised his glass to Zhou Bo.

Unexpectedly, the situation would take a turn for the better. I looked at Zhou Bo, who was already a brother with Lin Fang. I just felt that the world of men was really unreasonable.

After toasting one by one, they are all allies.

Suddenly, the Neng family interrupted: “Master, you don’t always say that Young Master Wen and Girl Zhan are rare heroes in the martial arts. You always hope to have a chance for a while. Why not stay here for a short period of time.”

Zhou Bo paused with his chopsticks.

He raised his head and looked at Lin Fang: “How to let the two heroes stay in my house for a few months under the plan of the alliance and be my helper”

“Brother Zhou, it’s not that Lin is reluctant. It’s just that everything at hand is waiting for you and you can’t do without him.” Lin Fang said.

Zhou Bo hesitated for a moment, and the Neng family said again: “Leader Lin, you don’t know my paternal love for talent. If the two heroes come to my house, they will treat each other kindly.”

Zhou Bo immediately smiled: “If the leader is afraid of lack of manpower, he should call five good players from my house. Just staying for a few days, this is not because I don’t believe Zhou.”

Lin Fang pondered for a moment and smiled: “It is better to be respectful.” He looked at me and Huo Yang: “Zi Su, Qing Hong, tomorrow, you two will come to Zhou Gongzi’s mansion to stay for a few days, a month later, Jiang After finishing the state affairs, we will return to Jiankang with me.”

I can’t figure out Lin Fang’s thoughts, but I absolutely believe him.

“Yes” Huo Yang and I responded.

Wen You kept his head down, unable to see his expression clearly.

I glanced at the Neng Family, who was in his forties and looked ordinary. Standing behind Zhou Bo at this time, it seemed that there was no sense of existence.

Riding a horse, the night is dark.

Back at the residence, everyone had just stepped into the hall when they saw Wen You bowing their hands towards Lin Fang.

Everyone was stunned.

Wen You said: “Wen Xuan, Qing Hong and I have promised a lifetime. Once we return to Jiankang, let my dad go to the Zhan Family to propose marriage.”


Lin Slowly smiled. Everyone came over with a smile, recklessly overjoyed at me.

I glared at Lin Fang, waiting for him to express his opinion, is he really going to send me to the wolf den

Lin Fang gave me a gentle look: “Don’t worry, you won’t be missing the red envelope.”

Instead, I was a little embarrassed to urge him.

“Zisu, listen to me.” Lin Fang said, “Qing Hong and Huo Yang have to go this week.”

We all stared at him in a daze.

He looked straight and said solemnly: “Because I suspect that this Zhou Bo is fake.”

The crowd was in an uproar.

“Have you noticed that he is holding the chopsticks” Lin Fang said.

I tried to think about it, but couldn’t think of anything.

But after hearing Wen You’s “Huh”, he glanced at Lin Fang with a surprised look on his face.

“Also, his figure is very different from ordinary people. When he kisses those singers, the first thing he kisses is his nose. His drinking posture is also different from ordinary people.” Lin Fang said.

When it comes to kissing my nose, my face is red. After taking a peek at Wen You, he found that he hadn’t paid attention at all, just staring at each other with Lin Fang and nodding.

Oh man

“Wen Xuan is absolutely right.” Wen You said, “These little Xi Palaces are all of Zhao Guo Xianbei’s habits. But his appearance is no different from my Han.”

“There is also his capable family.” I said, “Zhou Bo didn’t mean to let us stay, but he suddenly said that. He must have a plan. His identity is suspicious.

Everyone nodded.

“But this Zhou Bo has been in Jiangzhou for decades, and Zhou’s business has long been in his control.” Some people questioned.

“So, Qinghong and Huo Yang must go to Zhou Mansion.” Lin Fang said firmly, “I suspect that Zhou Mansion has hidden the conspiracy of martial arts for decades.”

“Huo Yang.” Lin Fang looked over, “Qinghong’s safety is up to you.”

Huo Yang didn’t answer, but looked at me: “With me, anyone who wants to move you is a dead end.”

Good apprentice, I am grateful.

Wen You took my hand and whispered: “Don’t pay attention to Huo Yang. Don’t worry, I said that from now on, everything will be mine.”

He turned to Lin Fang and said, “Wen Xuan, I remember that there was a disciple under the master who was Shan Yi Ren.”

On February 15th, Huo Yang and I took the burden, Zhou Mansion.

This week’s blog, Ye is indeed addicted to the sensuality. We stayed for five days and saw him every day. We either went boating with the concubines on Fuzhong Lake, or made friends with the concubines in the garden. From within.

I don’t know why his business is still running so well in such a ruin

On the sixth day, Zhou Bo summoned us, with the housekeeper standing behind him.

“Come here, I’m waiting to go to the lake to drink, Xiao Qinghong, you have to let me kiss my mouth” Zhou Bo waved his hand, and the butler frowned without making a sound.

Huo Yang and I had no choice but to deal with Zhou Bo during the day, and the two of them learned martial arts in free time. Huo Yang is used to swords, and unexpectedly, after visiting my door recently, the swords are also extremely beautiful.

His martial arts talent is so staggering that he is even catching up with me

Ruzi can teach.

It’s just that when we practice swords, we often see Zhou Bo, butlers or fuzhong guards stopping and watching.

Happy to accept it.

Zhou Bo also revealed in his speech that he hoped that we would stay in Zhou Mansion forever and worship him.

I scoffed at him: “Young Master Zhou, you know that Qinghong and Lin Meng are more in love than Jin Jian, why did you give Qinghong this problem”

Huo Yang looked at the sky from the side.

Zhou Bo laughed and said: “If you talk about appearance, Zhou is not as good as Wenxuan; if you talk about romantic, Wenxuan is not as good as me.”

I stomped: “But he only loves me.”

Zhou Bo laughed and said, “Why is he willing to send you here since he loves you?”

I said: “It’s only a month, it’s not sold to you.”

Zhou Bo said again: “If you are reluctant, why are you not good?”

This question is a bit strange, it seems to suggest that we run away.

I sighed: “Lin League Master entrusted him, how can Qing Hong ignore it.”

He stopped talking, hugged his concubine, and kissed him.

I don’t overdo it.

From afar, the housekeeper berates a gardener: “You guys, water them like this. Wouldn’t these precious flowers and plants be watered to death by you”

The blue sky, white clouds passing by.

For four or five days, the Neng family disappeared. When I asked Jia Ding, he said that he was going to Jiankang to work.

Zhou Bo still plays with the same appearance every day, and the entire Yuzhou City is almost played by us.

It was just that when he drank again, he was reluctant to give us the “twenty-year green bamboo leaves” that we drank every day.

“This wine is rare, so don’t drink it in the future.” He changed a large altar and said, “Come on, the eighteenth year of the red daughter is also a good wine.”

Huo Yang and I didn’t like to drink at all. A few days ago, they were perfunctory. Now they are even more, just take a few sips.

We rode to the outskirts of Jiankang in a large and exquisite carriage.

Green hills and green waters, gentle breeze.

Today, it is rare for him not to bring his concubine, and look at the white clouds with me on the top of a mountain.

“Zhou has been exploded for many years, no one is close.” He smiled.

Smiled sadly.

Thinking back to Zhou Bo, who had been in the Zhou Mansion for many days, indulged in sensual and unruly Zhou Bo, I turned my mind and asked: “Zhou Bo, why are you sad?”

His eyes flashed and he laughed.

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