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Bright Chapter 24

He didn’t answer, but instead said, “Xiao Qinghong, it’s not Lin Fang that you like, but Jiang Ding next to Lin Fang that day.”

I stayed for a while.

He smiled slightly: “You know how many times you looked at him that night. Xiao Qinghong, you really hurt my heart.”

I don’t know what to say. The way he said this is different from the usual bohemian, but like a friendly big brother.

“Zi Su doesn’t seem to speak very much” Zhou Bo looked at Huo Yang on the side.

Huo Yang glanced at him and replied: “Yes.”

I pulled Huo Yang’s sleeve and said, “He is shy.”

Huo Yang blushed immediately, very cooperatively.

Zhou Bo laughed.

“It’s a pity” Zhou Bo sighed.

“What a pity” I asked.

“It’s a pity that you are not my people.” Zhou Bo said, “Xiao Qinghong, you have to change your mind and follow me.”

Me: “You don’t look as good as Jiang Dingsheng.”

“Is it?” He looked at the white cloud above his head, “but someone said I was the best-looking man in the world.”

“Who is she”

He smiled: “She is dead.”

I am speechless.

“Xiao Qinghong, promise me the same thing.” Zhou Bo said, “You go, tell Lin Fang, take all your forces and leave Jiangzhou.”

He stared at me with scorching eyes: “This is good for everyone. Otherwise, the consequences will be disastrous.”

Huo Yang and I looked at each other and said, “So, we will leave tomorrow. Thank you Master Zhou for his hospitality in recent days.”

Sit slowly on the carriage.

I lifted the curtain and saw a figure stop by the door from a distance.

“Master Zhou, your housekeeper is back.” I said.

Zhou Bo leaned over and the window exploded but accidentally knocked over the wine jar. It was amazingly the two decades of bamboo leaves.

The three of us were suddenly full of alcohol.

“If it breaks, this wine is really valuable” Zhou Bo smirked. “If the recipient asks, just say that we drank it.”

We nodded. He looked like an older child at this time, afraid of the steward.

Got out of the car.

The butler raised his sleeve: “The Lord is in good spirits today.”

Zhou Bo laughed and laughed: “Indeed. Chi Everest is beautiful today, and the three of me drank an altar of bamboo leaf green. Old Pei, prepare two altars tomorrow.”

The steward happily followed his orders, and said: “The Lord did not bring concubines today, they were crying in the house.”

I hurriedly said, “We are not. Zisu thinks the woman is too noisy, so Young Master Zhou didn’t take it.”

Huo Yang snorted aside.

Zhou Bo glanced at us and said nothing.

So entered the house.

I looked at the old butler’s rickety back, and my doubts became more serious.

After passing the garden, the gardener straightened up and took a look at us.

I smiled at him.

“Tonight” I gave him a mouth gesture.

On his plain face, two faint eyebrows frowned slightly.

On the last night of staying in Zhou Mansion, if we still fall asleep, we are really idiots.

But these days, maybe because of lack of practice, the spirit is not as good as before.

In less than two more days, I was already yawning.

Huo Yang was also in my room, simply sat up and punched.

What a kid.

“Disciple, do you think we can go smoothly tomorrow?”

“I don’t know.”

“Disciple, these days, I found Zhou Bo, it is true that from time to time Zhao people’s habits will be revealed. Who is he?”

“I don’t know.”

“Then you say, where did the real Zhou Bo go?”

“About dead.”

“Disciple, I think the Noh family is like the real master.”


“This Xianbei is lurking in my Jiangzhou. It’s really frightening.” I looked at the dark night outside the window, “It’s better to consider the long-term plan after meeting everyone tomorrow.”

There was silence.

Huo Yang suddenly leaned over and blew out the lights. Hidden in the corner.

I can’t see my fingers.

The door creaked, and under the bleak moonlight, a dark shadow pushed in, seeming to be carrying a heavy object on his back.

“Xiao Qinghong Xiao Qinghong” he called me softly.

“Yeah” I sat up, “Young Master Zhou, what’s the matter?”

“Quickly follow me”

I coughed, Huo Yang strode over, Zhou Bo stretched out his hand to block, I staggered behind him, and the dagger pressed against his neck.

Huo Yang lit the lamp.

“Why are you?” Zhou Bo smiled bitterly, “If I had malicious intent, you would have died without a whole body.”

On the ground, there was a big sack, two corpses in the sack, a man and a woman, they looked similar to me and Huo Yang.

“Jin Chan escaped” I asked.

“Don’t ask too much.” Zhou Bo said, “The bamboo leaf green you drank a few days ago has been chronically poisoned. Get out of here and find someone to detoxify quickly. These two corpses are the result of overdose. Die, you will change your clothes for them soon.”

“Zhou Son”

He smiled bitterly and said: “It’s a pity that the old fox came back too early. If you don’t make a profit tonight, you will die tomorrow if you don’t make money.”

We walked along the dark corridor.

Arrived at the back door of Zhou Mansion.

“Quick Live”

“Prince Zhou” I said hurriedly, “The grace of life-saving is unforgettable. It’s just that you are also poisoned.”

He smiled slightly and said in a low voice: “Thank you Xiao Qinghong for being concerned, this poison can’t hurt me.”

I nodded. Although full of doubts, I knew instinctively that Zhou Bo was for our good.

Huo Yang gently pushed open the small back door.

Outside the door, several people stood in darkness.

The torches were all lit up quickly, and the back door of Zhou Mansion was bright.

The butler walked out of the group of people, no longer hunched, and said loudly, “Why, where will the Lord take two distinguished guests in the middle of the night?”

“Go and see your mother” Huo Yang, who had been silent, suddenly cursed.

The Noh family frowned, seemingly unexpected that the always silent “Wen You” would suddenly be so vulgar.

I laughed and slapped my hands. I am indeed my apprentice.

I have already decided in my heart that the butler who forced Zhou Bo behind his back must not be a good person. At this moment, Huo Yang took advantage of his mouth, so he was so happy.

“Have you forgotten your own identity?” The steward said, everyone behind him drew out their swords.

Zhou Bo was silent and said: “Old Pei, the two of them are Lin Fang’s people, why bother with the entire Jiangdong Wulin as an enemy”

Old Pei sneered: “But that person saw these two people and wanted to use them for himself. You knew that I was going to Jiankang to get the Tongtian Gu. You finally got it. You wanted to release it tonight. They go.”

I was shocked. The Heaven-Bounding Gu, the Western Territory to the Poisonous Gu, if the person who was under the Gu does not obey the Lord’s order, a drop of blood entrance from the Lord will be completely unconscious, like a puppet, only killing. Even if he obeys the Lord’s command, he will ulcerate and die before the age of thirty. It is a cruel poison used to control others.

“There is a secret tunnel under the bed in my room, you will block it when you go in” Zhou Bo suddenly leaned into my ear and whispered.

“Say what” Old Pei said angrily.

Zhou Bo laughed and said, “You don’t know why I violated that person’s meaning today.” Zhou Bo looked at the people in front of him like a torch: “Because, I don’t want to harm others anymore. Curse you”

“Have you forgotten your identity presumptuously?” Old Pei said.

“I remember, I always remember.” Zhou Bo said, “I am Zhao, damn Zhao.”

“Live” Huo Yang dragged me back and rushed into Zhou’s mansion.

I rushed in the night, barely turning around, and saw Zhou Boyi flashing out of the small door, which closed with a bang.

The sound of gold and stone outside the door is endless.

Soon, a few people in black leaped over the wall and landed in the courtyard, chasing us with force.

“Huo Yang, you can’t leave Zhou Bo alone” I shouted.

“Let’s move rescue soldiers.” Huo Yang said without looking back.

Suddenly heard a loud “bang”.

Suddenly golden fireworks rose from the center of Zhou’s mansion, and a very bright spark crossed the sky.

Right above our heads, annihilation.

I stopped: “Someone has already moved to rescue soldiers. We don’t have to go, let’s rescue Zhou Bo.”

In the night, a black figure rushed towards us. Bright eyes, handsome face, cold look.

He rushed to my side, glanced at me, his eyes warm.

My heart calmed down instantly, and his voice sounded in my ears: “Everything is with me.”

I, Wen You, and Huo Yang all turned around and looked at the people in black who kept coming forward.

It’s just that the sound of fighting outside the door has stopped, and Zhou Bo’s life or death is uncertain.

That night, we didn’t know at first that the one who fought us was actually summoned by Old Pei, the 16th master of Zhao Guo’s mighty hall.

They are martial arts elites who do not lose to the twenty-four guards under Xiahou’s school.

So after a stick of incense, five or six of us have fallen by our side, but the three of us have also been seriously injured.

I have a treasure armor body, but a knife was hit on my hapless right shoulder, dripping with blood; my left leg was also hit by a hidden weapon, bleeding gurglingly.

Wen You and Huo Yang are also full of color. Especially Huo Yang, with his desperate style of play, several stab wounds all over his body, with deep bones visible.

But he was covered with blood and stood still holding a knife, in a terrifying shape.

The three of us were gradually forced into a small circle, standing back to back to guard against attacks from all sides.

The twenty-four guards and sixteen masters are great not only because each of them is very good in martial arts, but also because of their subtle cooperation.

No matter which position you defend, someone will come in from your gap.

Our injuries are not uncommon. When the other party falls down, there must be one or two people on our body, and we will make a heavy blow.

If this continues, there is only a dead end.

“Don’t worry, the rescuers will be here soon.” Wen You said softly.

“It’s that I don’t want to be a desperate mandarin duck with you.” I laughed, and knocked out the hidden weapon that was swung over by one person.

Huo Yang on the side of “finding death” did not hide from the hidden weapon and was hit in the chest. He flew into a rage, and suddenly left the two of us, bursting into a sword and dancing with lightning and thunder.

The other party fell down two at once, and Huo Yang retreated.

There was only one person left on the other side, who was frightened by his bravery for a while, but he didn’t even dare to come up.

Wen You and I were both stunned.

What a good boy.

There was a stalemate.

Suddenly a gentle voice came from far away: “Zhou Bo, did you use the mighty sixteen guards of the Mighty Hall to deal with my Jiangdong martial arts people?”

I was immediately excited, Lord Lord, finally came.

The man in black in front of us was dumbfounded. Wen You gently shook my hand.

When I turned around, I saw the brothers in black samurai uniforms, all of them rushing forward with solemn expressions.

There are obviously only twenty people, but it makes you feel like they are like a rushing dark river, glowing with the sparkling knife light, silently attacking.

Behind them, Lin Fang, dressed in white, walked out.

“The sixteen guards of the Mighty Hall, starting today, you can be removed from the martial arts.” His clear and soft voice, like water, made people extremely frightened on this night of killing.

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