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Bright Chapter 25

“You have worked hard,” Lin Fang said softly, “Where is that thief Zhou Bo”

“Buwenxuan, it’s not Zhou Bo” I was anxious, “I will explain to you later, we will save Zhou Bo immediately. Disciple, you protect the leader”

Wen You and I looked at each other, nodded, and went straight to the back door.

There was no back door, and even Old Pei was not seen.

“Secret Road” I shouted loudly.

As soon as my voice fell, I saw behind me, a fire rose from Zhou’s mansion, like a coquettish red flower blooming in the silent night

It is the direction of Zhou Bo’s room.

We rushed.

Zhou Fuzhong has long been in chaos. Thanks to Zhou Bo’s more than a dozen concubines, women’s screams are everywhere in the mansion.

We quickly reached the fire.

Two big houses have already ignited raging flames, and dozens of houses around them have already started.

That soaring flame, like a monster, looked at the world with a grinning grin.

Wen You suddenly grabbed my hand: “Qinghong, you and Huo Yang, today’s movements are a bit slower than usual.”

I was silent for a moment, and said: “Did you say Zhou Bo is still alive?”

Looking at the flames, the beams of the house kept falling and the smoke filled.

Wen You looked at me and nodded: “Save”

We smiled at each other, covered our mouths and noses, and rushed into the fire.

When I rushed to the door of Zhou Bo’s room, my breath was stagnant, and I barely maintained it.

I was already poisoned, and with multiple injuries today, I can no longer hold on to it.

But I saw that the carved big bed had been lifted aside on weekdays, revealing the dark hole.

We jumped down.

The smoke gradually dispersed, and the suffocation in the chest was immediately relieved.

The outside of the cave is full of fire, but inside the cave is cold.

There is a faint light ahead.

“You don’t really think you are Zhou Bo’s little bastard.” A frustrated voice came from Lao Pei.

Wen You reacted extremely quickly, and the sword in his hand flew out like lightning before anyone arrived.

We rushed to the light.

This is an ancestral hall.

It enshrines the portraits and tablets of several people.

But at this time, old Pei’s hair was scattered, his whole body was blood, he held a dagger in his hand, and rode on a man with a hideous face.

The man on the ground, with his long hair spread out, is covered in blood, but his face looks like a smile, but it’s not who Zhou Bo is.

On Lao Pei’s back, Wen You’s “Jue” was inserted, passing through his chest.

As soon as Zhou Bo raised his hand, Old Pei fell to the ground, his eyes wide and he was already exasperated.

“You saved me.” Zhou Bo said, “but I won’t live long.”

He turned around and walked slowly to a tablet on the left side of the room.

I covered my mouth to prevent myself from screaming.

Wen You pursed his mouth, stepped forward to support him, but was waved away by him.

On his back, a knife was inserted deeply, as if it had been born on his back, in a miserable shape.

“Zhou Bo, don’t move, I’ll let someone come and heal you” I hurriedly said.

He shook his back to us, stretched out his hands, grabbed the two tablets in front of him, and put his arms in his arms.

With a “bang”, his body fell heavily on his back to the ground.

Wen You and I squatted over him and Wen You gently supported him in his arms.

Zhou Bo was probably a little confused, holding the two tablets and murmured: “Abo, Axiu, I’m going to see you soon”

I looked at the names on the two tablets: Zhou Bo and Zhou Xiu.

Zhou Xiu, Zhou Bo’s relative, was said to have died of a sudden illness ten years ago.

“Axiu, I have had a hard time these years. I have done a lot of things you don’t want for so many years. I really want to see you as soon as I open my eyes and see that you are still alive. I have been looking for you for so many years. For so many years, Axiu, I just can’t die for fear that they will send more powerful people over.”

I looked at his prostrate figure, the handsome and romantic look of the past was gone, and under his messy long hair, a blood-stained face looked like a ghost.

Zhou Xiu, Zhou Bo, and the unidentified Zhao in front of him, what are the secrets?

He suddenly looked at us with soft eyes: “Hello, you are fine, never separate”

I nodded firmly at him, and said again: “If it weren’t for saving us, you wouldn’t be like this, great kindness.”

He shook and said in a low voice, “Even if you don’t come, my body will just die quietly, Lao Pei. Even Zhou Bo, who replaces me, is ready.”

I was shocked, watching the sarcasm smile at the corner of his mouth, my tears slipped down.

Suddenly he looked up at the flames in the distance: “I have burned many documents of the former Jin State of Zhao State of Jin State. I have passed it to Zhao and I also killed many. I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be sad, you are also compelled.” Wen You suddenly said, clasping his hand tightly.

“I also told her I was forced to do it but she just didn’t listen to Axiu, Axiu”

He slowly closed his eyes.

Wen You stiffened, slowly put him down, and put me in his arms.

I choked, “He is really saving us.”

Wen You kissed my tears softly: “Fortunately, we have no country and family hatred, no family hatred. If one day lets me leave you, I will really, like him, life is better than death.”

I was moved by grief and sullenly said: “Of course we will not be separated.”

I left his arms and squatted down in front of Zhou Bo.

“Big Brother Zhou, although the time to get along is still short, but in my heart, I respect you like a big brother. I hope you will be at Bliss in the morning and never be separated from Sister Axiu. In the next life, you can be a husband and wife again, and enjoy the whole life.”

Zhao Guoweiwutang attacked Zhou’s family in Jiangzhou at night, Zhou Bo died as a martyr, the martial arts leader Lin Fang, with twenty-four guards, eradicated the sixteen masters of the powerhouse.

As soon as this news came out, the entire Dajin martial arts was shocked, painful and happy.

What was shocking was that Mighty Hall dared to be grandiose in the hinterland of Jin; what was painful was that the Zhou family was destroyed in the martial arts; what was happy is Mighty Hall, as a member of Jin, had assisted Zhao Guo to kill several members of my royal family. Finally hit hard today.

In addition, dozens of escorts under the Zhou family took out the tokens of Zhou Bo, expressly saying that Zhou Bo had confessed that if he died one day, the escorts would be entrusted to Lin Fang.

When this news spread, Lin Fang’s strength increased in vain, deterring the entire Jiangdong Wulin.

Suddenly, more prayers and sect leaders came to Jiangzhou to meet and show their thoughts.

The entire Jiangdong martial arts, in less than a year, bowed to us.

Jiangdong Wulin has been decided.

After resting in Jiangzhou for dozens of days, it was already March. The three of us were injured and the situation in Jiangzhou was settled. We took a boat and returned to Jiankang along the Yangtze River.

In the early morning, Wen You and I sat on bamboo chairs in the rear cabin, holding hands to see the magnificent scenery on both sides of the strait.

The clouds on the Yangtze River are heavy, thickly blocking the sun behind them, and only a little bit of glow is revealed, and a little bit of golden light is reflected on the water.

Boating on the river is like lying in a pot of broken gold, which makes people feel comfortable.

I looked at the green sides, and then at Wen You, who had closed his eyes and took a nap next to me.

Today he wore a dark green shirt with a black robe on the outside, which made his appearance more beautiful and picturesque. Those two resolute long eyebrows are black and striking. There was some scum on the clean chin.

I couldn’t help reaching out to touch it.

He was shocked suddenly, grabbed my hand and opened his eyes.

The smile in the eyes is deep.

“Meinu, you frivolous me” he pulled me to my lips and burst into a kiss. I quickly broke free and glared at him.

“Don’t tell me to be heard by others, it’s a shame.” My dignified leader protector, unexpectedly tweaked a name like this, sigh

“Okay.” He simply nodded, “I call this name alone. Only in the boudoir.”

I said with grief: “Zisu, you have changed. You were not like this before. You have become like Big Brother Zhou Bo.”

He stared at me, held mine with his hands tightly, and sighed in contentment: “Hong’er, I’m pretty sophisticated and calm when I ask myself. But now I admit that when I really want someone and I’m about to get one, I do have some control. No. It’s me who passed.”

Hey, actually he doesn’t need to be so serious.

I rested my head lightly on his shoulder.

Looking at the blue sky, I felt tired.

Suddenly came out in my mind, what the medical officer brother said that day after the doctor and Huo Yang treated me and Huo Yang: “This poison, we have used our internal force to drive out most of you. The remaining poison cannot be eradicated. Fortunately, you are poisoned. If it is not deep, after a few days of recuperation, martial arts can be restored as before. But in the future, you must not be overjoyed or be anxious, and you will worry about life.”

I don’t know if it will affect my childbirth

I thought worried.

He raised his head and rubbed Wen You’s warm chin.

He didn’t move.

Rubbing again.

He cracked my face impatiently and gently kissed my lips.

“It’s dinner” A clear voice sounded, and I caught a glimpse of Xiaolan’s blue skirt corner.

“Oh, my grandfather, in broad daylight” Xiaolan stomped and ran away.

Wen You and I were both stunned, and stood up.

He walked to the front cabin with his hand, but saw everyone standing on the bow. Hearing our footsteps, they turned their heads.

Lin Fang, Xiao Lan, all senior brothers, and even Huo Yang looked at us with smiles.

Behind them, above the blue sea and blue sky, among the green hills and white clouds, the glorious sun is like a fireball, slowly jumping out of the shackles of the clouds, the golden radiance of the vast expanse of the earth, it seems that the supreme gods are looking through the sunlight This big Jin is picturesque.

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