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I will change my fate to be executed


My first night as the Crown Prince. The dagger in my hand was stained red with my husband’s blood. The hot blood of a man who has treated me all his life. The moment he was executed for beating the prince, he vowed that he would never be his wife if he was born again. Another opportunity so given.

I try to refuse him to live. A completely different life from me before, even if I became a crazy young-ae in this area! But what is it? Why do everyone keep praising me?

“If you refuse to be my fiancee, I will personally make you the crown prince.” Besides, the proposal of a man who will soon die?!

“When I touched an animal, I should have been prepared to bite it.” (Old) Husband, are you crazy?

I will change my fate to be executed
Associated Names: 처형당할 운명을 바꿔 보겠습니다
Genres: roamnce
Year: N/A
Status: N/A

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