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Minh Mang Tomb in Thua Tien Hue, Vietnam

Tomb of Minh Mang, Thua Tien Hue Province, Vietnam. The cemetery was established in the year 1840. The highlight of this cemetery is on the plaza with stone carvings of elephants, horses, noble soldiers lined up the side of the road. Next is a stone inscription and a palace overlooking the grave is a large circular mound surrounded by high fences. But actually, still not sure where the burial ground would be.


The emperor’s tomb of Minh Mang is located in An Bang Village, about 12 kilometers from Hue city, where the Kwai Jack and Kwai Hua Jack meet to become the Perfume River. This tomb began to be built in the year 1840, before he died a year and was completed by God Tien Tri. His successor in the year 1843, King Minh Mang was the fourth son of King Salong. And was the second emperor in the Nguyen dynasty Was the supervisor of the emperor himself God had a Confucian and anti-French attitude, so he was highly regarded. This cemetery combines the beauty of nature with great architecture.

When walking in The first thing that will be found is the stone courtyard of elephants, horses, soldiers and nobles lined up on both sides. The best works of many anonymous craftsmen In which a number of statues were soldiers in traditional Vietnam costumes With a herd of elephants and a herd of horses ready to fight And the palace inside, surrounded by ponds and shady gardens From this palace you can see the tomb as a large circular mound surrounded by high fences. Although it was a visit to the cemetery, but as you walked in Visitors will get a feeling of joy along the way.

Nearby is the Lake of Impeccable Clarity, which has three beautifully carved stone bridges. A bridge over the lake In the middle the bridge is reserved for the use of only one emperor. And in just one year it will be enabled only once on the agenda of his departure.

How to get there:

Minh Mang Tomb is located in Thua Thien Hue province in central Vietnam. Most of the tourists from Thailand like to take a plane to Da Nang International Airport in Da Nang. From then traveling by car to various tourist attractions In central Vietnam, from Bangkok to Da Nang, tourists can take international flights directly to Da Nang. There are airlines serving both from Don Mueang International Airport And Suvarnabhumi International Airport Direct flights take approximately 1.25 hours.

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