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Ancestral Goa Museum in Loutolim, India

Ancestral Goa Museum village, which is about a hundred-year-old. Located at a distance of 10 Km from Margao, this museum is established on a hillock and covers an area of nine acres. It is open to public since 1995 and the project was possible because of crucial planning and tremendous efforts. At the entrance, one may get a glimpse of white swans or elephants carrying logs. Then there is a huge room that reflects the blend of Portuguese and Goa. This room is decorated with sepia-toned photographs and domed lamps. You would get greeted by a traditional Goan girl in saree. Also, the idol of Lord Parshuram is to be seen on the entranceway. Moving forth, you step into a locale beautified with hillocks.

This project lays an emphasis on the fact that Goa, along with its beaches, has a colorful culture that makes it so enchanting. The place is an ancestral property of Maendra J. Alvares. Ancestral Goa is regarded as an important sightseeing spot of Goa for those who want to get into the insight of Goan culture. The Ancestral’s ambience gets even more exuberant during the local festivals. Here, you may also treat your taste-buds with traditional Goan food.

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