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Arvalem Caves in Goa, India

Arvalem Caves Goa is one of the most ancient structures in Goa, the rock cut Arvalem caves are situated in Bicholim town in the northern part of the state. Locals believe that these ancient caves once served as refuge homes to the Pandavas of Mahabharata during their exile.

The presence of five compartments in the caves gives a strong indication that these were once the residences of the Pandavas. On the contrary, another theory says that the Arvalem Caves in Goa are of Buddhist origin. Housing of a huge Buddha statue in its premises, strongly supports the statement. Despite such contradictions about its origin, the caves does not fail to intrigue visitors. The architecture of these edifices is simple but appealing. With the whole of the structure cut out of Laterite stone, the caves are contemporaries to the other famous ones in Goa. Besides admiring the caves, tourists also have the luxury of exploring a Rudreshawar temple and waterfall in its vicinity.

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