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Finger Dyed Marriage: Husband, Don’t Be Too Hurry


In a well-designed feast for the rich, the fiance sent her to his uncle’s bed in order to get the beloved woman. The reporter rushed in. “Excuse me, Mr. Lu, what is your relationship?” Lu Muqing embraced her shoulders gracefully, smiled softly, and asked, “We are asleep, what do you think is the relationship?”
“Ms. Yan, Mr. Lu is not your fiancé? Uncle? Why do you guys sleep together.”

Yan Jingxi leaned against Lu Muqing’s arms, smiling Yanyan: “The fiance is short, I cheated, didn’t I see it?” After the reporters left, she gave him a high-five For the alliance, she said, “Thank you for helping me torment the scum.” He put the ring on her hand, and said with certainty: “I will abuse the scum together.”
Lu Youran realized when he saw the bright red blood on the bed. What I lost. I went to my uncle’s house twice a day, just to hope that if she is not good, it will be his spring.

Finally one day, Xiao Mengbao saw him come to call for help immediately, “Cousin, cousin, my parents are fighting.” Lu Youran gas hoped, rolled up his sleeves, “Lu Muqing, I can’t spare you.” Xiao Mengbao immediately stopped. Said: “No, no, no, cousin, save my dad, my mom sits on him.”
Lu Youran: “…”

Finger Dyed Marriage: Husband, Don’t Be Too Hurry
Associated Names: 指染成婚:老公别太急
Yan washout
Genres: novel, romance
Year: 2017
Status: 972

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