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Heavy Snow Warning


“If it wasn’t for this damn heavy snow, I would take you to your destination as scheduled ,

I would have come out without looking back .”

Kang Woo and Yun Joo are trapped in the pouring snow .

The reunion after three years was colorless, and the fresh air in the car was filled with tension .

” You and that Kiss is a long time , wonder how it feels .”

“ If you’re curious .”

In the suffocating silence

The feelings that had been piled up for a long time burst out .

“I have to try .”

The time has stopped .

Sticky breath .

” As a cub might not give you one so horny .”

The dense voice that licks your ears sticky

A thrill flowed as Ososo’s down hair grew .

“ Kang-woo … … .”

Heavy snow warning
Associated Names: 폭설주의보
Hot stuff
Genres: romance
Year: Jan 2020
Status: N/A

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