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I like you-

I met a person like that at first sight .
A person who falls in love at first sight. No, someone who can connect at first sight.
“What are you doing tonight?”
He asked.
He tilted his head and told him what he wanted to hear.
“What can I do?”

BJ, Quick Puck, what crazy!

He turns his head and calls the bartender.
“Two slippery nipples.”
Slippery nipples. It is a cocktail that makes it hot just by name.
Eugene asked the same thing he had said a while ago.
“Do you like sweetness?”
“It will depend on what sweet is.”
“BJ, two.”
A smile passes by the bartender’s head down.

She was like a ripe orange.
I want to burst and taste the inner kernel.
I want to suck up the drenched pulp.
He raised his hand at the bartender.
“Quick Puck, two.”
Quick Fuck.
Eugene looked at him with her round eyes, covering her mouth with her palm.
Kang Hyeok burst into laughter.
“The more the name is, the more delicious it is?”

To communicate, communicate, and communicate again
I met such a person.

Associated Names: 통通통通통通
Go Eun-young
Genres: romance
Year: Jan., 2020
Status: N/A

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