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Gu Shao, come in the bowl


In the previous life, Gu Xizhou petted her and loved her and protected her, but Xu Zhiyi hated him so much. He wanted to escape, and finally watched him die in front of her. After rebirth, Xu Zhiyi’s style changed drastically. He went to the hall, the kitchen, the spoiled husband, and the bed. The housekeeper complained painfully: “Master! There must be a demon if something goes wrong!” The secretary complained bitterly: “Boss! This is a beauty trick, you can’t be fooled!” The assistant cried bitterly: “President! She has a bad heart, and her heart is damned!” Nodding calmly: “Well, she is not sly, I am not sly.”

Rebirth and warm marriage: Gu Shao, come in the bowl
Associated Names: ι‡η”Ÿζš–ε©šοΌšι‘Ύε°‘οΌŒη’—ι‡Œζ₯
Coke and Ice
Genres: President, Romance
Year: 2019
Status: ongoing

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