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Gene era


“Old Tang, in which direction is the speed gene base point you opened?” This question made Tang Ting look melancholy.

“Yes…hand speed…” “Still right hand!”

Xu Tui looked confused. Hand speed, or right hand, this picture… Didn’t the teacher say that the more you use it, the easier it is to unlock the genetic basis?

“Old Tang, what did you do with your hands?”

“According to that, is this the genetic basis of my stomach that I have been eating for 18 years?” Cheng Mo, who is about to embark on the road to the rice bucket, sighed. Xu Tui touched his head, “Could it be that I have used my brain for 18 years?”—

Gene era
Associated Names: 基因大时代
pig three noes
Genres: novel, fantasy
Year: N/A
Status: ongoing

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