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My Senior Fellow Is Very Steady


Reborn in the ancient era before the God Sealing Great Battle, Li Changshou became a small gas refiner. There’s nothing about it. He is not a doomed son of a catastrophe. He only has one who wants Forever Young. Cultivating fairy dreams. In order to survive the cruel predicament, he worked hard to avoid cause and effect, killing people will be ashamed, and plan before acting, never easily step into danger. Hidden trump cards, cultivated escape techniques, refined erysipelas, palmed supernatural powers, immobile and stable like an old dog, moved earth-shattering, and left quietly after moving. Originally, in Li Changshou’s plan, he would always hide in the mountains to practice safe and sound as an immortal. Until one year, his teacher and father were still thinking about moving and gave him… he took a younger sister back…

My Senior Fellow Is Very Steady
Associated Names: 我师兄实在太稳健了
Genres: wuxia
Year: n/a
Status: ongoing

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