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Lijiang City, China Information

Lijiang is a city located in the northwest of Yunnan Province, China, with the beauty of Lijiang that is a beautiful ancient city where the scenic beauty of the inhabitants of the Sea is a minority that is interesting both in customs and culture.

Lijiang Town have history over 800 years old with architecture history and culture. There are different from other ancient cities of China. Since it was the city that was the home of Na Si or Nazi people since ancient times This city is also known as “Venice of the East” and is a world heritage city as well as the ancient city of Lijiang still retains the beauty of the past as well. With walkways paved with stones Chinese traditional wooden buildings Streams that flow through almost every household. Old stone arch bridge Willow trees by the stream where the twigs of leaves move along the wind. Each road in the old town will meet at the market square. “Shia Fang Jia” a trading center.

Dayan Old Town is also a highlight of Lijiang. Just stepping through the gates of the old city, Da Yan is like entering another world. Like going back in time Because this place still maintains its traditional way of life and culture strongly alongside the preservation of ancient shaped buildings Surrounded by beautiful natural beauty To make visitors feel mesmerized by the beauty of this precious world heritage

The streets within the Old Town of Yanay are paved with large smooth stones. Both sides are lined with famous ancient houses. Parallel to a small stream Melting flowing from the snow on the Jade Dragon Mountains With swaying trees in the wind Inviting pleasure along the way Each house has a small wooden bridge. Extends across from the central road It is said that there are over 300 different types of bridges in the city, so it’s not surprising to be called the ‘Venice of the East.

Another outstanding feature of Dayan’s old town is its unobstructed wall. The structure of the city is flexible, houses growing next to each other, with narrow streets passing by. Each of the streets of the city will come together in the market square or Sifang Square, which is a trading center, surrounded by restaurants, shops. Selling dazzling souvenirs Can walk both day and night Which will experience a different atmosphere.

Overall, Lijiang can travel throughout the year but there will be some different seasons in the city. Lijiang is divided into 4 seasons as follows:

  • Spring: March – May (Good weather)
  • Summer: June – August (comfortable weather, not very hot)
  • Fall: September – November (cold weather But not very cold yet)
  • Winter: December – February (very cold)

Place to see, go and visit:

1. Jade Dragon Snow Mountain

Jade Dragon Snow Mountain located to the northwest of the old town of Lijiang. Consisting of a total of 13 mountains, with the highest peak at a height of 5,596 meters above sea level. Therefore making snow covered all year round. This Lijiang trip consists of various nature, including streams, cliffs, ravines and nazi grasslands. When viewed from a distance, it was seen as a dragging dragon and the snow that was covered was like the white jade The more contrast with the blue of the sky, the more it looks like a white dragon in the sky. The highlight of the visit to the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain is a viewpoint on the top of the hill that is higher than 3,356 meters and above sea level to 4,506 meters to see the view and nature on the most beautiful spot Who goes during the cold season will find cold weather. Frozen waterfall Including snow that covers.

2. Blue Moon Valley

Another great highlight of Lijiang that many people who heard the name might not have expected of anything at first because we haven’t heard this lake before. The real lake is more of the beautiful lake in here. Especially during fog and the rain with get a little cold weather. You will feel like stay in European.

3. Yun Shan Ping grassland

The meadow is situated at an altitude of 3,205 meters above sea level. Surrounded by pine trees With the backdrop of the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain Especially if coming during periods of fog or slightly cold weather Will be even more beautiful.

4. Jade Water Village

5. Lijiang Old Town

The city still retains on the old town atmosphere both architecture of Chinese style houses. Both side walkways will be a shop with souvenirs and food for shopping. There are both local and modern food to walk to eat. The atmosphere is similar to night market and there is also a place where you can write a wish.

6. Impression Lijiang Show

The Impression Shows of Zhang Yimou (Impression Sanjie Liu) is the first show of the impressionist series of director Zhang Yimou, in which the audience is speaking in the same voice that “It is a show worthwhile to book tickets to see from all over the world.”

Many people know that Guilin is a city that has beautiful scenery as its original capital and Impression Sanjie Liu is on display along the Lijiang River. Which is a place that will allow everyone to experience the most beautiful nature While also experiencing the lifestyle and culture of the people. The special show here is the scene of the Yangshuo That will be different colors and beauty in each season. Reflecting the way of life And the beautiful nature of Yangshuo in various views, moods and atmospheres vary by season.

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