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The Riverside Parallel Mountains in Krabi, Thailand

Khao Kha Nab Nam (The Riverside Parallel Mountains) is about 100 meters high and flanked Krabi River in front of the city. The symbol of the city of Krabi. Tourists can rent a longtail boat at Chao Fa Pier. It takes only 15 minutes to get to the boat and watch the mangrove forest is complete and can also go up the cave. The stalagmite stalactites. It is a place where many human skeletons have been found, but they are not present. It is assumed that this may be the skeleton of a group of immigrants, but they have died because of sudden floods. And for the popular canoe. This area is ideal for canoeing because of the lush nature with mangrove forest and still water. Interested please contact canoe company. In Krabi It is not far from Khao Kham water will be the island community. On the island there will be a museum hall and a local handicraft show. Folk reminiscences such as the boat and the life of the villagers, cotton weaving, cage culture. Visitors can charter a boat from the municipality pier. Khao Khanom Waterfall It takes about 20 minutes to rent a boat 300 baht.

Flanked by the mountain is a symbol of Krabi. When traveling to the province. Beautiful pictures It is a picture of him lying on the water. Face to face on the river Krabi. There is evidence that. The river was once inhabited by people of many generations. From Prehistory to World War II. The experimental pit is a 23 x 7 meter rock shed located in the lower part of Khao Pak Nam, next to the Krabi River. The surface of the excavation site. It is above the water level at about 1.50 meters and it is clear evidence that the rock falling out in front of the area. The drilling experiments that existed throughout the flood level. There is still erosion when water levels rise. The height of the lower part of the 5 meter cliff wall has been cut due to wave breaking, showing that during one of the past. The sea level is about 5 meters higher than currently, Dr. Paiboon Pramjanee, geologist and geologist of the Thai Peninsula. Compare the erosion from the sea in many caves. Let’s say that The cut is quite new. Age corresponds to the central plasmas during the last sea level, between 6,000 and 5,000 years old.

In 1979, Professor Dr. Douglas Anderson, from the University of the United States, joined Dr. Pornchai Sujit and Dr. Wannee Wibulswas Anderson (anthropologist). Digging holes To explore archeology There is evidence that this is a prehistoric human source. Live before. Later in 1999 under the study program. Archaeological sites during the late Palliative – Holocene period, with Dr. Piyasit Sangsorn, soil classification expert. The Department of Land Development is the head of the project with Assoc. Prof. Paiboon Prommejay, geologist, director of Walailak University, Dr. Douglas Anderson and Assoc. Wiboonsawat Anderson, anthropologist Funded by the Thai government. The excavation at the Khao Kham Cave. The left side of the excavation site was excavated in 1979 to study the prehistoric adaptation of seafloor at about 6,000-4,000 years. The excavation is under the control of the Fine Arts Department. Krabi Cultural Center

Evidence found
The excavated excavation site in 1999 found many evidence that prehistoric humans lived such as shells, bones, animals with burn marks, food for teeth, animals, teeth, charcoal, debris, earthenware. Burn pot type pot Human leg bone. Dr. Douglas Anderson will complete the study in Thailand and submit it to the Fine Arts Department. It is stored except for charcoal which must be brought to the United States. To test with a tool called “Radio cabon 14” to find out the estimated age of people living in the archaeological site of Khao Khanom. This excavation.

In addition, the excavation team has left the adjacent area for future archaeologists interested in more sophisticated tools to excavate the evidence. We will continue to study in the future.

Directions to landmarks
Long-tail boat from Chao Fa Pier Head to the mountain in front of the children on the right hand side, take about 10 minutes or get off at the Krabi Merry Time Hotel. Go to the left hand mountain. It takes about 2-3 minutes to reach the archaeological site Khao Kham.

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