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My wife Lu Ziye


Jiang Tang’s marriage to Tang Youchuan was purely a victim of family marriage.
She knew that the white moonlight was hidden in his heart.
After three years of marriage, she played the gentle, respectful, generous and decent Mrs. Tang, letting him sing and dance outside, never asking.
At first he defended, “Don’t have delusions about me that I shouldn’t have.”
Later she guarded, “You are a delusion I dare not have, we are not suitable.”
After that, rumors emerged in Qinglincheng, Jiang Tang was so good that he forced Tang Youchuan to guard her as a jade, and not to distinguish between right and wrong, it was the enchanting concubine who came to the world.
Jiang Tang looked at someone with a sneer, “It’s clear that my beauty was ruined by your misfortune, so how can I become a demon?”
Someone chuckled, “Hey, your troubles are going to flood, save the people.”
But in the end, Jiang Tang asked: “Tang Youchuan, do you really like me?”
He replied decisively: “No.”
She smiled and nodded, “I admit defeat.”
Love is a big gamble, he sets the game, she makes a bet, wishful thinking, willing to accept the bet.

My wife Lu Ziye
Associated Names: 我家夫人路子野
Genres: romance, novel
Year: N/A
Status: ongoing

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