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Reverse life: Meet Mr. Qin (Novel)


“Reverse Life Meets Mr. Qin” tells the story between the protagonist Qin Jiajun and Xu Wanying. Let’s take a look at their tortuous life. Reverse Life Meets Mr. Qin The novel tells: Qin Jiajun smiled, “If I give Miss Xu a diamond ring now, would Miss Xu think I am interested in you?” He deliberately reminded me, “We only met three times. in the case of.”

Overnight, her life turned into disaster. Her boyfriend betrayed her because of money, her foster father forced her to marry an elderly man instead of her sister.
By hen I fell into a dark abyss, but it was her beacon of light.
 - Kid, want to help you restore justice? – asked about n, holding her hand.
 - No, I myself. – Laughing, she answered.

In one night, she changed from a daughter to an adopted daughter. The biological daughter seems to be gentle and harmless, but framed and bullied every step; her boyfriend betrayed for money, and her adoptive father forced her to marry an old man instead of her sister; when falling into the abyss of darkness, only he is a beam of light. He held her in the palm of his hand: “My child, do you want to help you get justice?” She laughed: “No, I will do it myself.” When life is reversed, when everything is rewritten…Look at how she abuses Bailian and the scumbag and takes it back Everything belongs to me!

Reverse life: Meet Mr. Qin
Associated Names: 逆转人生:遇见秦先生, Другая жизнь: знакомство с господином Цинь
Jing Qi
Genres: romance
Year: N/A
Status: ongoing

List of Chapters:

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