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School grass-hearted pet


The little princess Mu Xuerou of Musengburg, England, was dissatisfied that her grandfather had appointed her a fiance privately. She flew to Shenzhen from a long distance to say goodbye to the man in person. Unexpectedly, the day did not fulfill people’s wish, the stupid little rabbit met the black-bellied big bad wolf, and his fate was pitiful. The prince Ye Xinghan of the Wanxing Group was young and promising, handsome and innocent.

Which woman didn’t want to tease, but there was a stupid cute rabbit who was stuck in a wolf’s mouth and didn’t know it, and it didn’t take long to be eaten up. Ye Xinghan Sunshine is gentle, indifferent and ruthless. His gentleness only blooms for her, and his ruthlessness only protects her. Facing the criticism from his best friend, he proclaimed his love strongly. Nineteen years ago, I loved myself, and 19 years later, he loved her. Sweet pets have no limits, honey loves the sky! One-on-one favorite text! Youth, passion, inspiration, adventure! Welcome to the pit!

School grass-hearted pet, cute wife don’t want to run away
Associated Names: 校草心尖宠,萌妻别想逃
Yi Shuiqing
Genres: romance
Year: N/A
Status: N/A

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