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Qinbi Jiashi Seaview in Qinbi, Taiwan

Qinbi Village is located on Beigan Island of Matzu, between the Qin Mountain and the Bi Mountain. The village of Qinbi is also known as “A Mediterranean town on the Taiwan Straits.” Yet another name for the village is Jingao, or “mirror harbor”.

The main seafood ingredients are Matsu’s sweet and small rolls. The square pizza crust is crispy and slightly bitten. Overall, it is quite good, even though it still prefer another one in Qinbi. Celovo to pizza, there are muffins that can’t be forget, or more correctly with the caramel sauce on top. The original caramel muffin is about 250 yuan, the signature fruit muffin tower is 280 yuan. In addition to the difference in sauce, there are more fruits. The muffin itself is soft, and the outer skin has a certain crispiness, even if it is drizzled with sauce and dipped in fresh cream. This sauce is the original caramel for muffins. The color is darker, with a bitter sweet or even caramel aroma. It is charming and messy.

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