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The Pharmacist Lady’s Trading Secret


Can estrus be treated?A woman in need of money and a man in need of treatment!Two breathtaking secret contracts!April loses everything after her mother was murdered. She barely flees and grows up to be an outstanding pharmacist. She makes money by making medicine by receiving secret requests from nobles. In order to reclaim the fortune of a deprived family by using a framed name!

Meanwhile, April rescues Ian Marquis, who is overwhelmed by heat. Ian comes to April to calm down his “fever,” which no one has been able to cure.“I want to hire you as a doctor.”The secret fever’s symptoms can only be alleviated by April’s medicine. Can she find a way to cure Marquis completely?A young Marquis who has shaken the hearts of social girls and a secret girl! The secret treatment start of two people!

The Pharmacist Lady’s Trading Secret
Associated Names: 약사 아가씨의 영업 비밀
Seo Dan-woo
Genres: Drama, Historical, Romance
Year: 2020

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