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Wat Suthatham Temple in Samut Songkhram, Thailand

“Mon Temple with the only golden Ubosot inlaid in Thailand” (Samut Songkhram – Buddhist Temple)

Wat Suthatham or “Mon Temple” (ဘာ မန်) was built in 1798. Monks and elders of the village believe that Mon people will fall. Rim Klong Dog Howl The city of Samut Songkhram, which was settled as a community of Bang Chakkrung, emigrated directly from Mon. Did not emigrate from one community to another Although this belief conflicts with other evidence found.

In the village, it is said that the Mon people who migrated for the first time began to settle down. There are about 10 households. When they arrived at the area of ​​the community, they now used the land of wasteland. Profession to cut firewood, cut from coconut plantations and coastal fisheries Later, the authorities want to expropriate the land Causing lawsuits Finally, the court sentenced the Mon people to win the case. Community leaders and villagers join the meeting to divide the average land to all family members according to household size. By dividing one plot of land to build a temple Which this event corresponds to the reign of King Chulalongkorn, Rama 5.

In the first phase of the construction of the temple, there is no official name. The general villagers call it “Mon Temple” (ဘာ မန်). The villagers have helped to build 2-3 small pavilions for use in various ceremonial ceremonies. The pavilion that was built was in the mouth of the bay. When there was a pavilion Have monks come to stay in the rainy season But it is just a young monk. The villagers therefore traveled to the monk’s elders, from the Mon community of Phetchaburi province, Bang Lamphu Temple, Ban Laem District. His name is “Phra Ajahn Mong” (မံၚ်) (translated as “stay”)

It is considered that Phra Ajahn Mong (မံၚ်) is the first abbot who is responsible to rule the temple. When he came, he developed the temple in many ways By creating a chapel for use in religious ceremonies The construction of the chapel of Phra Ajahn Mong, people nowadays think that it is very strange, that is, to build a floating raft. When the raft is usually tied to the coast When the monks perform rituals, the monks will withdraw from the river with running water or running water. When the ritual is finished, pull the raft back in. This story is a story among villagers and older monks who still remember the story that has been passed down.

In fact, in the construction of the temple as a raft in the water, this is the general Mon motto. Has been practiced for hundreds of years. The motto of the construction of the water chapel, Sima Nam or Hydro Sima mentioned. Beginning from Phra Thammachet သၟိၚ် ဓမ္မ စေ တဳ King Mon of Hongsawadee (Reign 2013 – 2035) has sent ambassadors to Lanka to cleanse monk both in ritual and discipline. When he returned, he was ordained to convert all the monks in Mon. Sima Sima created the water in Hongsawadee. Which is centered at Sima Kanlayani, near Hongsawadee Which was used as a place for ordination of monks As well as inviting monks from nearby countries to come to ordain once again. Sima Kanlayani Causing ordinances in neighboring countries that share Buddhism The story about the cleansing of such monkhood Tham Chedi God, please inscribe on the 10 principles of stone, called the Kanlayani inscription.

In the past, most of Mon temples in Thailand on the waterfront often created Sima Nam in the same manner to perform the ritual. Including when the reign of King Rama 4 entered the Buddhist monkhood and established the ending of the sect, with Mon Monk as a template. Or Wat Rajathiwat In order to invite the Mon who has prayed for the monk to inherit the traditional sect Also including the Pariyamayikawat Temple Pak Kret District Nonthaburi Province Who had just given up the ritual in Sima. (After the permanent chapel was built, the original water color was still used for a long time.) There is no such color found in Thailand anymore.

During the period that Phra Ajahn Mong Cham Phansa was at this Mon temple, No one remembers and saves the story. Know only that After he was old He returned to his old home in Phetchaburi. After that, the villagers and the clergy gathered to pay respect to the elders from the Mon community, Ratchaburi Province, Nakhon Chum Temple, Ban Pong District. In order to rule the temple. This image is Phra Ajarn Chia (စေဲ) and is the same There is no written record of how long you have lived in a monastery at this Mon temple. There is only the memory of the old people that he had finally returned to his temple.

Later, there was Phra Ajahn Short (သါန်) from Wat Pha Temple, Ban Pong District. Ratchaburi Traveled to remember the Buddhist Lent at this Mon temple later At that time he had the idea of ​​building a chapel permanently. Therefore, requesting to be consecrated to the Department of Religious Affairs (at that time), the Department of Religious Affairs allowed to create But there are obstacles that the villagers do not have enough funds Causing the land that had been allowed to be abandoned for many years

Later, Phra Ajahn Short brought a floating raft ashore to the place where he was allowed to perform rituals while conducting rituals. Phra Ajahn Short is another statue that returned to his original domicile. By not recording the duration of the Lent at Mon Temple in any way. Phra Ajahn Li (လိ) is the abbot after Phra Ajahn Short Which was ordained at Bang Ya Phraek Temple, Mueang District, Samut Sakhon Province Moved back to remember the Buddhist Lent at Mon temple, which is your hometown After 3 years of Buddhist Lent, he was appointed as the governing body of the temple. Later, another 5 years was appointed to the abbot of the position of Phra Kru Samut Wisuthiwong (Li).

Phra Ajahn Li was the inspiration for the construction of the chapel in 1992. It is the only art masterpiece in Thailand. The base of the chapel was made of cement and curved. Outside, there are pillars buried in Thai design. The wall is painted with water-pearl in and out. Elaborate stories about the Ramayana and Thep Phanom history The upper part is decorated with gable gables, rabbits and hinges on both sides. Etch Swan pattern under the alabaster. On the ground, Kanok Flame pattern Inside the chapel, enshrined a 61-inch wide Buddha statue, which is the main Buddha statue. In addition, there are statues of famous monks throughout Thailand such as Luang Pu Thuat, Luang Pho Chup, as well as Luang Pu Khao Maha Sittichok. Which is respected by people near and far Which this temple took approximately 3 years to complete.

As can be seen, the Mon Bangkrachang community is a seaside community that has saltwater almost throughout the year. Villagers are unable to farm and grow enough fruits and vegetables for consumption. Most villagers have to make a living, cutting firewood, charcoal and sewing from the roof. As for fishing, which requires killing of animals for life, has not been popular among Mon people from time to time. Some couldn’t bear the hunger and could not survive. They moved to earn a living elsewhere. The position is therefore not stable. Affecting the said temple All the novices and monks could not endure the rainy season. Later, when the irrigation system Career promotion is effective. The villagers therefore are very self-reliant. With more stable positions respectively

The turning point was Vision of Phra Kru Samut Wisuthiwong Or Phra Ajahn Li, who built the temple according to his ideas, which has never been successfully initiated. With great diligence amidst financial poverty And completed as a chapel, which is beautiful, exquisite, unusual Resulting in tourism value Bring income Makes the temple prosperous Villagers make trades smoothly Each other promoting each other It is one of the most popular temples in the central region of Thailand.

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