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One encounter with Mu Shaoai for life


At the wedding of her fiancé and Xiaosan, she was tricked by the “future mother-in-law” and spent the night with strangers. After waking up, she thought she wouldn’t have any interaction with him again, but she didn’t want to be pregnant a month later! Reluctantly preparing to abandon the baby, the man blocked the door, “Marry me, I promise that no one will dare to bully your mother and child.” Half a month later, the most noble man in City A married her in with a unique wedding. At first, she felt that everything was perfect, but later… “My wife, your safety period is over, we can exercise more tonight.”

“My wife, parents have repeatedly told us to have more grandchildren and granddaughters. Accompany them.” “My wife, I have already told your company leaders that no overtime is allowed in the future. We can have more time to rest.” She couldn’t bear it, and domineeringly took him an agreement: “Muluochen, I want to follow You are divorced!” The corner of the man’s mouth twitched and his eyes were full of spoiling: “Wife, don’t be naughty, with me, who in the country dares to accept your divorce proceedings?”

One encounter with Mu Shaoai for life
Associated Names: 一遇慕少爱终身
Su Guoguo
Genres: President, Modern Romance
Year: 2019
Status: ongoing

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