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If You Listen to the Words of the Sea


The peaceful night sea ,

The ship on which Trite, the anti-mermaid was aboard, is attacked by a pirate .

She leaves the sinking ship behind and runs away, but loses her mind … … .

When I opened my eyes , it was an unknown house at home .

Even the language is different so I can’t even speak ?!

Large body , frowned eyebrows , heterogeneous red hair .

In a word, with a ferocious impression, he was the Navy Captain Astor .

With a terrifying appearance, he gives the house to Trite who has nowhere to go .

The two people who don’t communicate

You start to communicate with your eyes and gestures (?) ?

His clothes were too big for her small body .

I couldn’t wear my pants because they didn’t fit

His loose-fitting shirt was pulled down, revealing his shoulders .

At her dress, he turned his head in amazement .

“ No , why … ! Why , your pants , you do wear that … … !”

My ears were red .

The man , looking adorable little differently haves … … ?

Navy Captain Aster and Trite the Anti-Mermaid

Non-verbal sweet and lively romance !

If You Listen to the Words of the Sea
Associated Names: 바다의 말에 귀를 기울이면
Genres: roamnce
Year: 2020
Status: N/A

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