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Three Treasures of One Child


He is the president of the rumors of a cold, not nearly in sex, panic-stricken people, but she is not just a favored tool. A design pushed her into her arms. Five years later, she returned with three adorable treasures, and she was bound to repay the people who framed her back then. But when she was able to retreat, a certain man pressed her in the corner, “Woman, where do you want to escape with me?” Ming Yan pushed him away proudly, “This gentleman, who are you?” “The three Mengbao smiled darkly, and pushed Mingyan into the man’s arms, “Mummy surrender, Daddy has a deep routine, Mummy can’t escape!”

Three Treasures of One Child: Daddy Dotes on His Wife Super Powerful
Associated Names: ไธ€่ƒŽไธ‰ๅฎ๏ผš็ˆนๅœฐๅฎ ๅฆป่ถ…็ป™ๅŠ›
Andy Meng Meng
Genres: Urban Romance
Year: 2019

List of Chapters:

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