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Marriage is a condition


Doain is Hogu .

As soon as she gave birth, she abandoned her and ran away .

The company’s representative says that while serving as a non-regular worker, he even brings his wife’s clothes .

Even company colleagues who know the truth but turn away from fire .

The real family and the fake family only use and throw away .

β€œ You need the 1% you have .”

Han Tae-seo , a man who suddenly came to her .

To be someone someone needs

This man doesn’t know how he feels for Ain .

β€œ My condition is marriage .”

No , I’m saying I need the stake you have .

A woman with eyes like a stray dog ​​and saying she won’t love . Still, a woman who marries on the condition of transfer of shares . Do-Ain is a strange woman .

β€œ Let’s do it , get married .”

Willing to fall into a place where you don’t know what traps will wait

Do Ain is a really strange woman .

Marriage is a condition (serial completion)
Associated Names: 결혼이 μ‘°κ±΄μž…λ‹ˆλ‹€
Song Seong-ah
Genres: romance
Year: 2020.06.03
Status: N/A

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